The Importance of Tail Coverage

tail insurance coverage

There are a number of times tail insurance coverage may come in useful for an agency. Also called Extended Reporting Coverage (ERC) these policies are used to extend the time frame in which incidents can be reported past the expiration date of their errors and omissions policy. This can be important for a number or reasons.

One benefit of a tail policy is that it can extend the reporting time of an errors and omissions policy pasts that policy’s expiration date. This means that if a claim is made for an event that occured at a time in which an agency was insured, the agency can still report the claim to their insurer even if their policy has since lapsed.

In many cases a tail policy is advised in the event of sale or a changing of owners of an agency. It allows those under the previous policy to still be covered for anything that happened while the previous policy was in effect. The length of time a tail policy can extend the reporting date depends on the terms of the tail coverage, but may be as much as three years.

If your agency is changing hands, currently for sale, or in the process of changing the policies you offer, tail insurance coverage may be useful for your situation. This coverage can extend the time in which you are allowed to report a claim that falls under your errors or omissions coverage past the expiration date of that policy.

Importance of Choosing the Right Insurance for Your Real Estate Business

real estate errors omission insurance

When you’re making a decision as important as picking insurance you don’t want to take the process lightly. Good insurance coverage can save your business from significant financial loss or even total shutdown. The best agencies can even set you up with ideal real estate errors omission insurance.

The Know the Landscape

The top agencies in your area have the skill and experience to furnish you with the right type and amount of real estate errors omission insurance. These agencies understand the real estate business and what is at stake for you. You can trust your agency to find the lowest cost possible and also give you the right amount of coverage so you won’t face financial ruin in the event of a lawsuit.

They Look out for Your

A good agency understands how critical it is for you to have the best coverage possible. Your agent will communicate effectively and frequently with you to ensure you’re pleased with the service. Your agent will get to know your business in order to meet your needs.

Don’t choose any random agency in the area for your real estate insurance. Do your home and due diligence and choose someone you know has the right experience and excellent customer service skills.

Why You Should Consider a Benefit Society in Your Hunt for Life Insurance

NCSF life insurance

Life insurance is a product many people consider purchasing throughout their lives, and it’s easy to see why. Even though it may be uncomfortable to consider not being around to care your family any longer, life insurance can bring a considerable peace of mind. Benefit societies can often offer a lot more than a typical insurance agency, and it may be worthwhile to research their options. If you’ve decided to purchase NCSF life insurance, there are many options for you to choose from. All have their different terms and various advantages, so it may be worth it to do your research, but here are some of the things NCSF can do for you.

The long history of their organization should mean a long history of experience and product knowledge. Other members should be able to attest to the quality of the products and how the membership benefits and activities have enriched their lives. NCSF product variety is also an advantage. You may have a family you want your insurance to take care of, or maybe you live on your own and want to have your funeral costs and arrangements established ahead of time. Maybe you’re retired or want to safeguard your business for after you’re gone. With NCSF life insurance, you can provide a safety net for the specific things you want to protect.

Reasons You Should Have Concert Insurance

Concert insurance

Hosting a concert can be a fun experience. However, there are some risks to hosting a large event, which is why you may want to consider implementing a concert insurance policy. Here are just several reasons why you might want to purchase insurance for your future events and concerts.

One of the main reasons you should have this type of insurance is that it can protect you from liability claims should you ever be at fault for injuries or damages that occur on your property. The potential lawsuits from liability claims can be costly without insurance. Not to mention the legal fees that often stem from having to hire a lawyer.

Another reason to consider getting this type of insurance is that property damage is often covered in the policy. Since many concerts and events take place outside, it is worthwhile to have some type of protection for the property and equipment. All it takes is one strong storm or fierce fire could to your outdoor pavilion or equipment.

As you can see, there are some important reasons to consider implementing a concert insurance plan. Safety risks tend to increase as people gather in larger crowds. Knowing that you and your event crew are covered in the event of an accident can help you relax and focus on hosting a successful concert.

Insurance Matters When Manufacturing Ejuice

ejuice company insurance

Business liability insurance is essential for any company, no matter what services or products are offered. Manufacturers, distributors, and retailers of ejuice have more to worry about than the average business. Ejuice company insurance keeps you protected from product liability. That means if something goes wrong after someone uses your ejuice, you are protected. This type of coverage protects against property damages and bodily injuries that occur as a result of a product you distribute, manufacture, or sell. Tens of thousands of cases are filed citing product liability in the average year, and the average award for those cases is upwards of $1.5 million. That is definitely not something you want to deal with for simply doing business.

Ejuice company insurance is essential because traditional business insurance often has exclusions, which may include ejuice, vape mods, and other products that are integral to your business. The best vape insurance is going to have everything from general liability to lack of a sub limit for e-liquid and the option for property coverage if that’s something that applies to your manufacturing operation. Keep safe and be protected from health and marketing claims by having the best possible insurance for your ejuice company. As the vape world changes day by day, make sure you’re there to be a part of it. Check your insurance policies and be sure you are covered.

The Homeowners Insurance Guide for New Buyers

home insurance in California

If you’ve just bought your first home, you’ve likely been exposed to the complicated and fast-paced world of real estate. Luckily for you, securing the right homeowners insurance policy doesn’t have to be nearly as stressful. If you’re new to buying home insurance in California, here are the basics you may need to know.

One of the most important things to note is that you should know exactly what is covered under your policy, along with the policy limit. It’s not difficult to become under insured, but that’s where the experts come in. A reliable and reputable insurance agent can help you go over your assets and determine the coverage amounts you need in each area. They should also be able to go over things like flood insurance, which isn’t included in a typical policy.

A basic home insurance policy likely includes coverage for personal liability, personal contents, additional living expenses, dwelling coverage and coverage for other structures, like the shed in your back yard, or the detached garage you built right after you moved in. These areas of coverage can help you protect your home and belongings in case of damage, as well as pay for legal costs if someone is injured on your property. If you still have questions about home insurance, California has plenty of quality insurance agencies ready to help you.

What Makes Bar Insurance Plans Different?

bar insurance

Having the right mix of insurance plans for your business can be legally requires as well as helpful for your bottom line. Having the right bar insurance means more than just making sure that you have general liability, however, because some places will require that you have liquor liability or other specialty plans.

Not only will insurance for bars and taverns need to cover the same things as plans for other industries, such as general liability and workers’ compensation, but they will also need to cover liquor liability and even assault and battery risks.

The best way to find the right insurance for your company is to determine what is required in your municipality as well as in your industry. You can then see what coverage is available and which insurance companies offer the best plans. Many companies offer contact information online and even online communications, so you don’t have to go over everything at once or in person.

Bar insurance packages differ from plans for other types of companies because they need to cover the customers, employees and property from the costs of damages from accidents involving food and alcohol as well as other risks. This means that many packages designed for bars and taverns will bundle general liability, workers’ compensation and liquor liability among other things.

Effective Ways to Find the Best Staffing Company Insurance Coverage

temporary staffing insurance

Do you ever get overwhelmed shopping for an insurance provider for your business needs? There are many choices out there, but no everyone has your best interests at heart, and not every company has the right package for you. The next time you need temporary staffing insurance, follow some proven methods to make the right choice.


Your first step should be to spend some time at your office computer investigating local temporary staffing insurance agencies. Go to these websites and learn as much as you can about them. Find out what packages they offer, what premiums costs, how much experience the agencies have and other relevant information.


It will take some time, but it would be helpful to visit with agency representatives and talk them in person. You can find out a lot more through a one-on-one conversation than by reading words on a page.

Talk to Colleagues

If you’re well connected with others in temporary staffing, you surely know other companies that have recently made changes to their insurance plans. Ask which agencies they’ve chosen and how they feel about their service.

If you use these methods, you should be able to find a reliable insurance company to help you. This way, you will be prepared for just about anything.

Look for These Characteristics in an Insurance Agent

Bergen County business insurance

All business owners know they need the right insurance coverage for their company if they hope to avoid catastrophe, However, as you get your business off the ground, it’s not always easy knowing where to turn for Bergen County business insurance. If you’re stuck in your search, keep these tips in mind.

Experience Matters

While newer insurance agencies might have some innovative features and fresh ideas, you’re usually better off choosing a place you know has several years of proven experience under its belt. When an agency has experience, it knows how to work with all types of clients and can solve just about any complex problem.

Relationships Are Crucial

For a good Bergen County business insurance agency, you won’t be just another number on a spreadsheet or a faceless client on a database. The best agencies value their customers and treat you with dignity and respect. These places know it’s important to respond in a timely manner. They will answer your questions with honesty and promptness.

They’re Flexible

Your insurance needs are different than anyone else’s. A top-notch agency knows this, so it’s able to customize a plan to fit your requirements. Your agent will search diligently for coverage and costs you can feel good about.

Don’t stress out about finding the right insurance agent. When your agency has these traits, you should be in good shape.


The 4 Traits of a Solid Search Strategy

insurance marketing system

Out of every consumer, 59 percent of them use Google each month to find reliable, local businesses. How your insurance agency appears on a Google search may be directly related to your ability to pick up these customers. One of the best ways to improve your search capability could be to implement a digital insurance marketing system. Here are a few ways an outside marketing firm can improve your search results:

1. Website Indexing

Search engines use indexed data for its criteria in determining search rank. A website that is properly indexed can improve its search results.

2. Keyword Analytics

By researching the Internet habits of potential insurance-seeking customers, certain keywords can become more important than others. Using these keywords properly should be a part of a strategic SEO plan.

3. Continuous Improvement

Laying out an SEO strategy and implementing it should not be the end of the process, but rather the beginning. By continuously analyzing keywords and the online habits of insurance customers, an outside marketing firm can help keep your SEO strategy on track.

4. Relevant Content for the Insurance Business

By hiring a marketing firm that knows and understands the insurance industry, you can implement a true insurance marketing system that will improve search results and bring in more customers. Savvy marketers can continue to implement relevant content for your website and social media pages, which can optimize search results.

Boosting your brand’s online profile should be part of an integrated marketing plan. A team of quality insurance marketers should be able to implement a robust and comprehensive SEO strategy focused on your core business while also driving niche markets to your website.