Protect Your Greatest Asset With a Comprehensive Policy

glen rock home insurance

You have a comprehensive policy for your automobile, an extensive pet policy for your pooch and an all-inclusive family health plan, but what protections do you have in place for your home? Your home is one of your greatest assets, and is right up there with your health. Your home keeps you warm, protects you from the elements and is your security in a tumultuous economy. Moreover, your home is full of cherished memories, experiences and possessions. If something were to happen to your home, would your losses be covered? If you answered no, it’s time to invest in a comprehensive Glen Rock home insurance policy today.

The right home insurance policy can cover the cost of damages to the structure of your home and any losses of items within your home. Whether your home is full to the brim of valuable jewelry and fine art, or its decorated minimally with a few valuable pieces and priceless family photographs, a knowledgeable agent should be able to help you design a policy ideal for your lifestyle and budget. Whether you want to go simple or comprehensive, the goal remains the same: to protect your home and everything within it.

If you’re ready to purchase a Glen Rock home insurance policy, reach out to a local agent near you. Investing in homeowner’s insurance may be the smartest move you make for your home and your family.

Defend Against Mismanagement Claims

fiduciary liability policy

A fiduciary liability policy protects businesses’ and employers’ assets from claims of employee benefit plan mismanagement. Although ERISA bonding may be required by law, fiduciary liability insurance is not. These policies offer two broad coverage areas.

  • Legal expenses incurred due to defense against a claim.
  • Financial losses that plans may suffer due to a breach of financial duty, omissions or errors.

ERISA doesn’t require businesses to create employee benefit plans. However, it does set standards and defines conduct for those responsible for managing and overseeing the various plans once established. The plan sponsors and outside entities hired in financial capacities may be susceptible to liabilities. Fiduciaries may be held personally responsible for any losses an employee benefits plan experiences.

Coverage for fiduciary liability may not be adequate or addressed at all in other types of liability policies. Directors and officers policies can specifically exclude this kind of coverage. Errors and omissions insurance covers the business relations with customers, not employees. General liability policies may not be broad enough to adequately protect the personal assets of all employees.

A fiduciary liability policy responds specifically to claims generated as a result of dereliction of duty, errors and omissions as pertains to virtually any type of employee benefits plan. Experienced insurance providers may have cost-effective solutions that minimize risk and lets you focus on your business.

Seeking Millennials Looking for Your Services

Social Media for Insurance

You might feel that your independent agency struggles in its attempt to attract Millennials. Millennials grew up with computers and do most of their purchases through computers and smartphones. As an agency, it’s up to you to provide the type of relationship that Millennials are seeking. Millennials have been marketed to their entire life and don’t necessarily respond to brand value.

One way to engage this segment of society is by tapping into social media channels, otherwise, you may be missing out on one of the most efficient ways to market yourself and your insurance business. You should have a Facebook account, be an active member of the Twitter community, and have a presence on Google+ and LinkedIn. These are important steps to take regarding Social Media for Insurance. Once you’ve established yourself in this area, you can use these channels to get the most benefit from your online presence.

Determining who your target market is

First, if you haven’t already done so, spend some time exploring some of the major social media channels. Where are the Millennials and other’s in your targeted audience spending their time? It’s important that you interface with the people you hope to work with in the future. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ are generally the most relevant platforms going, particularly for insurance professionals, but other arenas like YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram may be of value to you as well.

Get set up with an account on the major social networks and spend time familiarizing yourself with the services, rules and etiquette so you can successfully interact with the audience. Sharing helpful home maintenance tips, talking about the latest in vehicle innovation, and any other ideas that impact your demographic is the smart choice, because you don’t only want to discuss things related to insurance.

You’ll be surprised at how sharing interesting content can help to influence audiences while keeping you top of mind when they get around to deciding on the products and services to purchase or inquire about. Social Media for

Insurance is about building relationships, gaining trust, being highly visible and garnering the best results from all of your efforts.


Finding Insurance for Community Associations

insurance programs for associations

If you represent a homeowner’s association, condominium management board, or other community associations that depend on volunteers to make American neighborhoods great, you need to know you can protect your volunteers and your community. That’s why insurance programs for associations exist. When you look for insurance that is built for your specific needs, you can be sure you have all the kinds of coverage you need.

When you touch base with an insurance professional whose focus is on the HoA and property management community, you can learn more about the specific risks that come with this kind of organization. That means you will have a better rubric for assessing your ongoing insurance needs, and a professional contact to help you stay on top of new information as it comes up.

Community associations make a lot of tough decisions about how to care for the streets and other shared facilities in many American neighborhoods. Asking your volunteers to take on additional risks that could be prevented with the right policy just doesn’t make sense, especially when coverage protects residents and homeowners too. Insurance programs for associations need to be built to your organization’s specific needs, so the best way to learn more about costs and coverage is to contact an industry leader for a quote today.

Using a Whole-Life Policy to Protect Your Family

ordinary whole life policy

There are a number of ways to hedge your household’s risks, but very few offer the stability and the immediacy offered by an ordinary whole life policy. These policies have been mainstays in the insurance industry for years because of the way they combine your savings and regular insurance to create a stable premium profile that gives you the ability to plan your affairs with confidence. Whether you are taking out just enough for funeral expenses or you are looking for an investment that protects your family into the future, you will find that leaders in whole life policy sales can help you.

The younger you are when you take out a life insurance policy, the more opportunities you will have to make the most of your investment. Even so, experts in life insurance underwriting are able to craft a plan that will work for you at practically any stage of life, making the ordinary whole life policy accessible to almost anyone who wants to participate in it. For more information, you need to get ahold of an insurance industry expert who can answer all of your questions with specific details that fit your insurance needs and living situation. Don’t wait to get the help you need so you can buy a policy with confidence.

What Does Marina Operators Legal Liability Insurance Cover?

yacht club liability coverage

Yacht clubs and marinas are unique businesses in many ways. Your business is exposed to typical risks, the elements, and caring for client property. The latter of these can be particularly risky because of the lawsuits that can ensue. That’s why yacht club liability coverage should include Marina Operators Legal Liability.

The Three Cs

MOLL insurance is designed to protect you from financial damage if a member’s property is damaged while in your care, custody or control. Should you accidentally injure the yacht while repairing, storing, launching, fueling, docking, or driving the vessel, this yacht club liability coverage can help you cover the cost of repairs.

If replacement is needed, the MOLL plan can pay for that as well. Furthermore, if your client brings a lawsuit as a result of this incident, the policy can pay for the legal fees and any fines you may incur. Be sure to check with your agent to see what your particular plan covers.


Most insurance policies have some exclusions, and MOLL is no exception. For example, if you store a yacht for free or send the vessel to a third party for repairs, your policy may not pay out. Furthermore, any illegal activity will nullify your coverage and damage caused by insects, and sea creatures are not always covered.

Finding Life Insurance for Your Key People

life insurance for key person

If you are running a business, you know there are a few visionaries whose operational expertise and forward thinking are responsible for the direction your entire company is going. You need to protect those assets, and you need to do it in a way that will give you the resources to move forward if you lose one of those key people unexpectedly. In those cases, life insurance for key person employees will make sure you have a hedge against that loss.

The reason having a material hedge against the loss of key people is important is because your investors and creditors will often have their agreements through that key representative. Their loss can undermine confidence, but having the cash on hand to keep paying debts and operations running smoothly helps to shore up that confidence until it can be naturally inspired by your new leadership.

To find out how your life insurance for key person employees should be built, you need to work with a provider who has a deep knowledge of this field. Only then will you be able to get the specific answers to real questions you have. Once you have those answers, it becomes much easier to understand how to move forward. Don’t wait. Get the help your business needs today.

Liability Insurance for the Transportation and Warehousing Industry

Warehouseman’s legal liability

If you work in the transportation sector, you know that logistics can be a risky business, even if all you do is store goods for other people. That’s because warehouses can be busy places, and there are a variety of problems that can cause problems for you and your clients. This is especially true when you are not responsible for end-to-end shipping, because it means you have to work with the goods in the condition you receive them, and you can’t necessarily count on the quality control of the transportation after it leaves your facility. Warehouseman’s legal liability insurance is designed to bridge those gaps for you.

Here’s how it works: This particular kind of transportation insurance covers any liability you incur while storing client goods in your facilities. That means acts of nature like disasters that cause damage to the facility and its contents as well as foreseeable disasters of industry like failed cooling units and other mechanical problems that cause damage to goods in transit or storage. Warehouseman’s legal liability insurance is the only kind of insurance that is built specifically to the liability needs of the logistics sector, and it is unique enough your business should work with experts to maximize your coverage to make sure your company is totally protected.

What to Expect From Your Transportation Insurance Provider

get Preferred insurance for transportation

As the trucking and transportation industries continue to grow in Texas, it’s important to find a business insurance provider that has your interests in mind. Don’t fall for gimmicks. Instead, get Preferred insurance for transportation and partner with an agency you can trust.

A Comprehensive Portfolio

Some insurance providers only have a few policies that your transportation business needs. This is especially true if you go to an agency that does not specialize in trucking insurance. However, when you get Preferred insurance for transportation, you can get access to a full portfolio of insurance coverages.

For example, you may need insurance to cover workers’ compensation, employment practices, motor truck cargo, equipment breakdown, and more. The right insurance provider can offer all the protection you need and help you avoid covering any gaps.

Shops Around

Not every insurance provider can have the best type of policy for you. For example, one company may have a better rate on business auto insurance while another offers a great general liability policy. That’s why some brokers work with a selection of top-rated insurance companies to find the policies that work for you.

When you get Preferred insurance for transportation, your agent does the shopping around for you. Then, the company creates a full portfolio that makes sense for you.

Keys to Designing A Successful Online Presence

Since most people buy products and services online, or at the very least research products they’re interested in, you need to create an Insurance Agency Website that speaks to them. The problem with most websites selling insurance is that they fail to provide prospects with information that they care about or are actually looking for. They either give them too much to look at, or are too busy dazzling them with flashy graphics.

Website design is very important, and most leading marketing experts will tell you that crowded pages filled with extraneous information actually drives people away, as opposed to piquing their interests. Here are some noteworthy ways to help you keep things simple and hopefully get more people to go from curious spectators to being converted into solid leads.

Make sure that each page has a primary objective

Offer only information specific to the needs of your audience. This will help to keep visitors from opting out and looking elsewhere. Make sure each page has a primary focus, because if they believe they’ve found what they’re looking for they’ll remain on your site. If what they’re looking for is hidden or too difficult to find, then they’ll quickly exit. That’s why it’s vital to strip away the clutter and remain focused on leading them to their intended goal, which is to find products that will enrich their lives.

If you want visitors to your homepage to submit their information for online quotes, then make sure that’s what the main theme is. For example, by offering other insurance info on this page, overshadowing your intent, you’re merely creating distractions. Decide on the type of visitors you want to market to, then make sure that the main offer is the one they’re most likely interested in.

Highlight the call to action

Flash animations are one way to point out the call to action, but make sure it’s done with good taste, realizing there’s a difference between pleasant advertising and using images that come off as unprofessional. Your main objective should be to call attention to an offer with an image that draws the visitor to it.

Any and all copy should convey the benefits the visitor will receive by taking action, such as comparing quotes to get the best deal, or finding a plan that fits their needs. Your Insurance Agency Website, when done well, can help turn potential customers into clients, increasing your profitability.