3 Common Types of Crime Committed at Work

Crime insurance is designed to protect businesses from financial loss due to various crimes. From small businesses to big corporations, everyone is susceptible to workplace crimes. While offenses like theft and fraud can be committed by anyone, employees are the most common culprits.

The best way to protect your business against major financial loss is to purchase a crime insurance policy. Here are just a few types of workplace crimes that are covered by crime insurance.

Employee Theft

From stealing office supplies to committing embezzlement, employee theft is increasingly common among companies of all sizes. However, small businesses are the most susceptible due to their increased trust and decreased security. It is estimated that businesses across the U.S. lose a whopping $40 billion each year due to employee theft alone.


Most businesses are vulnerable to robbery, whether it’s shoplifters or burglars. Crime insurance protects businesses from criminals who may steal cash, merchandise, securities, or any other items from the company.


Crime insurance protects against various types of fraud such as wire transfer, telephone, and return fraud. Any business with a bank account is at risk of certain types of fraud and forgery. Fraud can be committed by anyone, from employees to customers to complete strangers. The only way to fully protect your business against fraud is through insurance.