3 Considerations for Grave Landscaping

When you lay a loved one to rest, you always do your best to honor the deceased with a beautiful headstone and burial space. However, after time, a once-beautiful gravesite might begin to appear neglected. Maintaining a cemetery site properly doesn’t take much time or work, but if done regularly, it will keep your loved one’s memorial looking as it did when they were first laid to rest.

Here are areas of grave landscaping to consider when maintaining a loved one’s final resting place.

Maintaining Headstones

Headstones don’t last indefinitely. They will discolor, degrade, and in some cases, break due to weather and freeze/thaw cycles.

Water or a non-ionic cleaner and a soft bristles brush are the best cleaning options. Never scrub with a wire brush, steel wool, or scouring pad.


There isn’t much to do in this area because most cemeteries provide mowing and overall grave landscape care. Still, a little effort can often make a gravesite appear that much better. There are frequently weeds that need to be plucked, and the grass near the burial marker has to be trimmed. These tasks are simple to complete by hand.


When it comes to cemetery rules and regulations, this is the area where you should be most concerned. It’s natural to want to leave items such as memories, flowers, stuffed animals, and notes. It’s crucial to remember, though, that one person’s meaningful memorial may be another person’s eyesore.

Careful consideration of your loved one’s grave landscaping can make it a wonderful and peaceful place.