3 Key Safety Concerns That OSHA Warns Truckers About


An OSHA inspection isn’t just conducted in manufacturing plants or industries that have highly visible safety concerns. Those in the trucking industry also have to worry about the health and safety of the truckers when they are behind the wheel or loading and unloading cargo.

Driving Concerns

According to OSHA, the trucking industry accounts for the most fatalities each year out of all the other industries, and most of these deaths occur during travel. Roadway safety includes concerns with driving when tired, other motorists, weather conditions, and shifting loads.

Loading and Unloading Concerns

Drivers are often responsible for both the loading and unloading of their trailers, and these actions present their own safety risks. Slips and falls are common, but so are back injuries from improper lifting and loading techniques. Forklift accidents could also cause injury, as could cargo falling off shelves or pallets and striking the driver.

Hazardous Materials Concerns

Truck drivers may be required to transport a load that contains chemicals or harmful contaminants. Exposure to the skin could cause burns, but there is also a threat of fire or spillage with the load. An incident could lead to serious injury or death.

OSHA has established inspection requirements to promote driver safety, as well as to protect those who may come in contact with the driver and the load. Following these requirements can reduce the risk of injury and death.