3 Reasons to Secure Insurance for Your Manufactured Home in Texas

Because the median home value in Texas is $137,700 and the average salary per month is less than $7,000, living in a manufactured home in Texas is often a welcome option. However, just like traditional homes, they require insurance to manage risk exposures. Here are three reasons why you should secure insurance for your nontraditional home.

1. No Foundation

One advantage of manufactured homes is their mobility. Unlike traditional houses, they are able to be transported to new locations. However, this means they are not anchored to a foundation, causing them to be more susceptible to wind, storms and other natural events.

2. They Can Burn Quickly

In general, a manufactured home in Texas has a smaller and relatively more compact space than a traditional home. Therefore, if fire were to ignite your house and was not noticed and stopped, it could spread and eliminate a majority of the home and your possessions at a quicker rate than a larger home.

3. Susceptible to Transportation Damage

Manufactured housing is susceptible to collision damage when being transported from location to location. If an accident were to occur en route, you would be responsible for the damages incurred unless you have proper insurance in place.

Be at Ease With Full Coverage

There are many advantages to owning a manufactured home in Texas. However, if your home is not covered properly, you can quickly suffer a loss from a natural event or other disastrous occurrence. It is important to secure insurance for your dwelling so you can be at ease knowing that you are covered in the event of a catastrophe.