3 Tips for Improving Staffing Agency Liability

A high-quality temporary staffing agency should be able to provide qualified candidates for clients. While staffing agency insurance can help protect an agency should something go wrong, there are certain things that can be done to reduce liability while simultaneously giving clients the employees that can get the job done well.

  1. Customized Applications – It is common for staffing agencies to provide one generic application for all job opportunities, but it may be better to tailor applications for specific clients. This gives clients the ability to narrow down their expectations and reduce the chance of an issue with a temporary employee.
  2. Look Into Employment Gaps – When collection information about a potential temporary hire, it is important to look into any gaps in employment. Staffing agency insurance can provide protection against theft or other criminal acts that an employee may commit, but those issues may be avoided if employment gaps can be specified.
  3. Pay Attention to Background Information – Background checks are common requirements for job applications, and staffing agencies should take them seriously as well. Finding out about a criminal history or other issues that could pose a problem for clients may be able to prevent future claims against staffing agency insurance.

By reducing your liability risks, you may be better able to run your staffing agency without the fear of insurance claims looming.