3 Tips for Improving Your Marketing Videos

Using marketing videos is a proven way to boost the online visibility of your company. Videos convey information about the services you offer quickly and simply. However, not all video marketing content is created equal. It’s important that your videos contain informative and compelling content to lead more traffic to your website.

1) Tell a Story and Educate Your Customers

Stories elicit emotion and, therefore, make better marketing content. Creating a story for your video marketing campaign is much like the creative writing you did in school. Good stories have a beginning, middle and end. They follow the adage “show, don’t tell.” You can also include educational content in your story. For example, allow your story to teach customers how investing in the right insurance products can save them money.

2) Use Humor, When Appropriate

Using humor is a terrific way to make your videos and your company more memorable to customers. It also encourages watchers to share the video with friends. Nonetheless, it’s important to ensure that the joke is appropriate to your industry, target audience and the service or product that is being sold.

3) Pay Attention to the First Ten Seconds

It’s said that one-fifth of viewers click away from a video within the first ten seconds. Therefore, you want to make sure that the video you create immediately conveys its value in the mind of the viewer.

Videos can inspire, educate and make viewers laugh. Creating high-quality video content will help to make viewers your future customers.