A Hartford CT Insurance Company’s Guide to Renters Insurance

One mistake that many people make involves thinking that if they don’t own their home, they don’t need to insure their property. Even if you are renting, however, it is important to keep your things protected and avoid liability when certain things go wrong on the property you rent. Here are some of the things that you can expect a renter’s insurance policy from a Hartford CT insurance company to cover.

Windstorm or Hail

If you have a windstorm or hail storm come through and break windows or break some of the property that belongs to your landlord, a renter’s insurance policy should cover this. Make sure that you go through what is covered and what is not with your insurance agent prior to paying any premiums.


Smoke damage can be very serious. If your rental agreement allows you to smoke on or in the property, then any damage caused by cigarette smoke might be covered. In the event of a fire and resulting smoke damage from that, the cost of repairs should be covered as well.


Make sure to talk to your insurance company about what property will be covered in case of theft or burglary while you are renting the property. There are certainly conditions to this but generally, renters insurance will have a theft or burglary clause to protect you in the event of loss.