Being Approved for Life Insurance With High Cholesterol

life insurance in Virginia

There are several reasons a person may be turned down for life insurance, and having high cholesterol is just one of them. Thankfully, you can still secure life insurance in Virginia even if you have high cholesterol. While it might not be easy, it’s most certainly possible.

Even if you don’t think you have high cholesterol, it’s best that you let a doctor confirm that for you; the results might surprise you. When you first consider getting life insurance, it’s best to go ahead and get a physical to have your cholesterol checked and make sure there aren’t any other health issues you should know about.

If your doctor informs you that you do have high cholesterol, know that there are medications as well as lifestyle changes you can make to get your levels under control. That being said, it’s entirely up to you to take your medication, change your eating habits and get in plenty of exercise, otherwise, you’re likely to be denied life insurance in Virginia.

Even with high cholesterol, you can be approved for life insurance, but your premiums might be a bit higher than you expect. Insurance providers like to see individuals who are taking steps to improve their health, which is better than individuals who haven’t been to the doctor in several years or aren’t taking steps to better their health.

Do yourself and your life insurance premiums a favor and talk with your doctor about high cholesterol. Controlling your health equals controlling your insurance costs.