Protecting Your Vacant Property With Insurance

You may have recently purchased a new home, and are in the process of moving. As you prepare for the move, you’re likely also taking care of making your old home ready to sell. One important task that is often overlooked is vacant property coverage. Here are four reasons why you should consider purchasing insurance for your vacant home:

1. To Protect Your Investment

Your home is likely one of your biggest investments. A vacant home is still an asset, and as such, it should be protected in case of damage or theft.

2. To Avoid Liability

If someone were to get injured on your property, you could be held liable. Having insurance can help protect you from this type of financial burden.

3. To Cover Unexpected Expenses

If your home sustains damage while it’s vacant, you’ll be responsible for the repair costs. Insurance can help cover these unexpected expenses.

4. Peace of Mind

Knowing that your vacant property is insured can give you peace of mind as you move. You will be able to focus on settling into the new place and selling your old home.  

Now that you know a little bit more about insuring your vacant property, you can make an informed decision about whether or not it’s right for you. Protecting your investment, avoiding liability, and having peace of mind are all important factors to consider. 

Getting Started As An Event Planner

Event planning is a lucrative business that remains essential through every fluctuation of the economy. However, success can be challenging if you’ve never worked in this field. If you’re just getting started in event planning and want to do it right, here are a few tips. 

Find a Team

One of your first steps into the world of event planning is to find a team. For instance, have someone in your corner who can handle the inherent “event planner risk” that will come with your job. The people you surround yourself with will massively impact your success.

Build Your Corner

Once you have a team, it’s time to find your corner of the industry. Knowing what type of event planning you intend on doing will help you as you step out into the professional world. Whether you’re doing weddings, corporate parties, or conventions, you need to have a niche you fit into. 

Create an Impact

Finally, it’s time to create an impact. Once you have a team around you and a corner of the market carved out, start making a name for yourself and your business. This stage of things may take some time, as new clients don’t come all at once, but it’s essential not to give up. 

Becoming an event planner is a worthy career goal. With these steps, you can make your transition into this field simple and stress-free. 

Precautions Trucking Companies Must Take To Stay Protected

Countless risks are involved in transporting cargo across long distances. Though the trucking industry is a necessary component of the greater supply chain, business owners must take extra steps in order to shield their companies from harm. From taking out extra coverage like hazmat insurance to being mindful of how many hours employees are behind the wheel, the right precautions can go a long way to protect your business.

Focus on Your Drivers

According to recent statistics, roughly 500,000 truck-related accidents occur in the United States each year. Often, these are due to drivers who are being pushed past their limitations and forced to work long hours. To reduce the odds of a driver falling asleep behind the wheel, you must review your practices to ensure you’re putting the health of your workers before your deadlines. Reviewing your basic training protocol can also highlight whether you’re providing the necessary information on safety to your team. 

Look Into Hazmat Insurance

It is also important to focus on the type of cargo your drivers are responsible for while on the road. Hazardous materials don’t fall under standard liability policies. In the event of an accident where dangerous substances leak from one of your vehicles, hazmat coverage helps with the costs of cleanup, medical attention, and lost driving time.

Paying attention to the risks truckers face can be the best way to protect your company from claims of negligence. Review your options with insurance to find coverage that fits your exact needs.

Employee Acquisition and Retention in the Boating Industry

The boating industry workforce has always had issues, but these issues are becoming more pronounced in recent years. Those in the marine industries need to understand both employee acquisition and retention.

Employee Acquisition

One thing absolutely necessary for growth is the ability to acquire qualified labor. Unfortunately, the marine industry is highly specialized, and it isn’t easy to find both skilled and unskilled labor. 

However, there are a few things employers can do to help attract employees. These are:

  • Offer healthcare 
  • Offer disability benefits
  • Offer pensions and retirement plans
  • Offer more vacation and sick days 
  • Allow employees to structure their own benefits packages
  • Offer training to those that might not be qualified 

A head hunter or recruiter can also help marine employers find more qualified applicants.

Employee Retention 

The other major problem with the boating industry workforce is employee retention. If a company offers better benefits or programs than you do, it can be difficult to retain employees. 

One way to solve this issue is to have an employee retention specialist help out. They interview employees regularly to find out what would make them consider leaving. Then they put this into an action plan to help mitigate employee loss.

The two most important things impacting the boating industry workforce today are the inability of some companies to acquire and retain qualified employees. If you are having these issues, these tips can help.

What To Know About Excess Workers’ Comp Policies

Workers’ compensation is vital in protecting your business and its assets. Some form of this specialized policy is mandatory in the United States, though each state has different requirements for the amount of coverage you must have. Unfortunately, there are times when a standard plan will fall short of your actual needs. In such scenarios, additional policies like excess workers comp offer a solution.

Taking a Closer Look at Policy Details

An excess policy covers all potential losses related to workers’ comp up to a certain amount. The policyholder can select a specific value or pick a plan with an unlimited amount. By opting for a predetermined coverage cap, you can minimize the severity of your company’s losses. Factors that can influence the effectiveness of your policy include:

  • Size of company and number of employees
  • Risks associated with your industry
  • Steps taken to reduce claims

Reviewing the Benefits of Excess Workers Comp

Several key advantages come with excess policies. If you work in a niche industry, this coverage option grants more control when meeting unique workplace hazards. An excess plan also makes it easier to prepare for worst-case scenarios, meet the regulatory requirements of your industry, and manage compensation claims.

While traditional workers’ compensation coverage is typically enough to cover a company’s risks, this will not always be the case. Review the details of excess policies to minimize losses and find peace of mind.

An Overview of Social Media Marketing Options

Though there is no secret to success in the business world, establishing a concrete marketing strategy can be invaluable in many respects. However, a modern marketing plan needs to take a few specific details to heart in order to the effort to produce results. If you want to reach your goals, you absolutely want to look at your digital options. Building a marketing plan that factors social media into the mix, for example, is a surefire way for you to see the results you’re after. Consider these points to learn more. 

Consider Your Audience

Building a social media marketing strategy is very simple. Essentially, you need to get the ball rolling by looking at your key demographics and pinpointing which social apps your customers tend to frequent the most. After this, you will have greater perspective on which social sites are worth your attention. Next, you want to begin researching your options with content. You can either create new content or curate a collection of links you can share. However you go about the process, it is good to have a backlog to begin with. Other options  can include: 

  • Create a consistent posting schedule
  • Research current trends in your industry
  • Understand what your audience prefers

Review Your Options

While there are plenty of different angles you can consider when you’re looking to establish a digital marketing strategy, you absolutely want to factor social media into the mix. Learn more about your options and see how you can yield the best results from your efforts.

What Are Vessel General Permits?

You may have heard the term “vessel general permits.” Do you know what vessel general permits are?

What Are Vessel General Permits?

A vessel general permit is a compilation of the requirements set by the Environmental Protection Agency that regulate 26 different emissions and effluents from marine vessels to maintain clean waterways.

Why Was the Vessel General Permit Developed?

EPA regulations did not originally include marine vessels in their pollutant laws. In February 2009, the EPA responded to the urging of environmental groups to eliminate the exclusion and regulate pollutants that are discharged from marine vessels over 79 feet in length.

In 2013, the EPA amended the requirements to include all marine vessels regardless of size, excluding only recreational vessels from the regulations.

Which Discharges Must Comply With the Vessel General Permit?

The VGP regulates almost all emissions and effluents from marine vessels, including, but not limited to:

  • Deck washdown
  • Bilge water
  • Boiler blowdown
  • Cathodic protection
  • Chain locker effluent
  • Fire main systems
  • Graywater discharges

What Is the Penalty for Non-Compliance?

Marine vessels that do not comply with vessel general permits can be subject to substantial fines. Violations can cost vessel owners anywhere from $10,000 to over $125,000, depending on the size of the vessel and the number of days in violation. Negligent or willful violations can result in criminal charges.

Now you know what vessel general permits are. Use this information to avoid non-compliance penalties.

Is There an Advantage To Bundling Insurance?

Bundling multiple insurance policies with one provider can have many benefits. Is bundling your insurance a good idea? 

What is Bundling Insurance?

Bundling insurance is a practice where you buy multiple policies from one insurance company, allowing you to qualify for policy discounts. Insurance companies offer these bundles to encourage clients to buy more policies with them.

What Are the Benefits of Bundling Insurance?

There are many advantages to bundling insurance policies.

1. Saving on Premiums

An obvious benefit is the savings you are eligible for by buying multiple policies with a single insurer. Many companies offer serious discounts on bundled policies, and some companies offer discounts for multiple policies or bundles within the same household.

2. Pay a Single Deductible

Many companies offer a single deductible when you purchase multiple policies with them. This provides extra security in the case of a catastrophic accident that involves multiple claims. Paying one deductible for multiple policies keeps more money in your pocket.

3. Fewer Accounts to Manage

You may be able to have a single payment for all your policies. Additionally, you will only have one company, and perhaps one agent, to get to know and deal with for all your needs. Making your insurance easy to maintain and use is a huge benefit.

Why Many Courts Have Rejected Educational Malpractice Lawsuits

These days, it seems litigation is as American as baseball and apple pie. Even schools are not exempt from legal action. Educational malpractice is the claim that a school did not provide an adequate education. So why have many courts rejected educational malpractice lawsuits?

Educational Malpractice is Hard To Prove

One person may believe a school, whether public, private, or university, didn’t provide sufficient educational opportunities. However, this can be difficult to prove in a court of law. There are hundreds or even thousands of students who come through a school every year. Schools can point to those students as examples of how they provide quality education equitably.

Education is Subjective

Unlike services provided by a doctor or contractor, educational services are subjective. It is impossible to offer a one-size-fits-all approach. When these lawsuits claim a lack of opportunity in the classroom, it is nearly impossible to prove because they cannot pinpoint what “should” happened. A surgeon “should” have removed the appendix but suffered an accident. There’s no comparable event in education. There are more variables in a classroom that don’t exist in other facets of society.

Education is one of the most critical institutions offered by modern society. Before turning to a lawsuit, consider what you can contribute to the education system to improve it for everyone.

How To Make the Best Choice With Personal Property Insurance

Owning a piece of property can be a big milestone in a person’s life. When you invest in real estate, it allows you the chance to grow your future in the way that you would prefer. Naturally, you don’t want to rush into the decision. Finding the right property starts with understanding a few basic factors dictating this industry. For one, you must consider how you plan to protect your real estate in the long run. Look over these tips and gain perspective on how to make the right choice for your future.

Looking at Value

There are many angles to take to heart when it comes to valuable personal property insurance. For one, you should always remain mindful of the perceived value of the real estate in question. Knowing how much the property should be worth based on current market factors can be invaluable in the long run. Naturally, you also need to weigh in details like how much the property has depreciated over time. By doing this, you will be able to find insurance that delivers on every front. Other ways to protect your property include: 

  • Investing in high-end security system
  • Learning more about the surrounding community
  • Establishing a maintenance routine

Reviewing the Options

When it comes to real estate, there are many ways to go about protecting your investment. Take time to look into your options with insurance and see how the right choice can make a world of difference.