Why You Should Choose an Independent Insurance Agent

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Choosing a new insurance provider can be overwhelming, given how many different options there are in the Oklahoma market. As in many states, insurance agents can either work for a particular insurance company or a variety of companies, according to a statement from the Oklahoma Insurance Department. Rather than being locked into an insurance plan from a single company with little flexibility, consider discussing your unique coverage needs with one of the high-quality independent insurance agents of Oklahoma.

A Personalized Experience

Each person or company that consults with an independent agent has particular characteristics that require coverage, whether they be personal liability plans for a construction business or automotive coverage for a new driver. An independent agent can help each client find the right insurance plan in the right budget to ensure they are protected.

A Simpler Style

Independent insurance agents will often work with several different insurance companies. In doing so, these agents perform the hard work of cost comparisons so you can focus on your work or family. Often, independent agents can get you a better deal on a greater selection of coverage options due to their connections and experience.

A Lifelong Connection

By building a solid working relationship with one of the highly-qualified independent insurance agents of Oklahoma, you can protect your future, no matter what life throws at you.

Top Factors in Classic Car Insurance

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In terms of auto coverage, classic car insurance NJ residents depend on is in its own special class. Designed to cover the specific needs of antique and vintage vehicle collectors, these are not standard policies. If you’re a car collector that needs insurance, here is what you need to know about classic car coverage.

Vehicle Usage

One of the biggest factors in qualifying for classic insurance is your vehicle’s usage. Most policies ask that you do not use your classic car as a primary vehicle. Now, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t use the vehicle at all. In fact, most policies require that the car be in working order enough that you can drive it whenever. You will have to meet a certain mileage quota.

Vehicle Storage

Most insurance policies want to know where and how you store your vehicle. Depending on the vintage car, your policy may have very strict regulations for how you store your car. Most of the time, storing them outdoors, exposed to the elements is against the rules of the policy.

If you’re in need of a solid classic car insurance NJ residents would recommend, then it’s important to consider the factors that go into deciding your policy. The point of classic car insurance is to protect your collectible asset. Of course, in addition to helping you cover your vehicle, you generally have rules to follow also.

Preparing for the Future With Reliable Insurance

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Emergencies and accidents can happen anywhere, even in Miami. With storm season hitting harder each year and crime being a constant danger, it is a wise decision to create some shield of protection around the people and items you love. A Miami insurance agency can help you do just that. Each agency has a team with the skills and knowledge to build policies that work in your favor. Here are a few policies you should consider before finalizing your contract with an agency.

Flood Insurance

Miami is a marvelous city for residents and businesses. Still, even this paradise can be a hit with a dangerous storm. Flood insurance can help you deal with damage to property at your home like floors, walls and furniture. This coverage can also help businesses repair their electronic systems and foundation.

Boat Insurance

While it is not required by state law, boat insurance is crucial if you want to save your wallet from tough expenses. Rates will depend on your boat’s size, your personal history and your planned boat use. There are different policies that fall under this coverage like property damage and liability insurance so make sure to ask your provider about will work for you.

Marine Insurance

Marine coverage helps large businesses with their property while it is shipped. This insurance can include protection for equipment, theft, infestation and delivery delay. If you are ready to create your personalized coverage, then call your local Miami insurance agency today!

Why Riding Clubs Need Insurance Protection

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Most people associate insurance with boats, cars, and homes. While all those are necessary for life, businesses that are devoted to horses and the individuals that love to ride them need their own type of coverage, known as horse club insurance. Here’s a look at the important benefits this type of coverage offers.

Protection Against Accidents on the Grounds

It’s typical to fall and get injured while riding. Considering this happens frequently at a riding club, it’s important to have coverage so the business can stay in operation. All it takes is one person to have a bad fall or similar major problem, and if the riding club doesn’t have the necessary coverage, it can get closed down quickly.

It Can Protect Workers From Accidents

In an environment that works with horses on a daily basis, it’s easy enough to have accidents. Getting kicked or thrown off by a horse are just two of the issues that could arise for workers. This can leave them injured and even out of work for a while. Choosing horse club insurance that has a policy for workers can protect them against these kinds of conditions that come with their job.

It’s important for a riding club to have horse club coverage. It protects both riders and workers, without the club taking a loss or being forced out of business by a lawsuit.

Financial Penalty Protection for Bank Officials

civil monetary penalty insurance

Financial Penalty Protection for Bank Officials

In recent years, there have been more regulatory investigations into the actions and spending of directors and officers of financial institutions. This has resulted in penalties directly against those individuals. As such, civil monetary penalty insurance was introduced as a countermeasure to assist those individuals.

What is CMP?

Civil monetary penalty, or CMP, insurance was designed to help banking directors in the event an administrative penalty was levied against them. The traditional directors and officers liability insurance do not cover the individual penalties the FDIC imposes. This policy can cover up to $250,000 of a penalty for a single officer or director. Due to the recent financial crisis, the FDIC has been cracking down on financial institutions, even more, causing this type of insurance to be a welcome addition for bankers.

Why Is It Important?

A financial institution is covered under insurance, but directors and officers are not when it comes to FDIC regulatory investigations and penalties. To mitigate personal risk, these individuals face, CMP policies were introduced. Now, banking officials can be covered and protected if a penalty is brought against them.

If you are a financial institution director or officer, you need civil monetary penalty insurance for extra protection if you are served with regulatory fines. Your banking institution is covered, and you should be, too.

Determining the Price of Boat Insurance

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Determining the Price of Boat Insurance

With all the variations in insurance policies, it can be difficult to determine a specific price. However, there are certain deciding factors that can help you determine the average boat insurance costs.

Deciding Cost Factors

Just as with any insurance policy, there are certain factors that determine the type, limit and scope of the policy. This is generally referred to as the risk assessment stage, where an agent analyzes certain factors that decide the policy you receive. The same is true for boat insurance. The following is a list of some of those factors:

Previous boat insurance claims

How the boat is used

Who drives the boat

Safety measures including equipment and courses

A valid driver’s license


There are also other factors such as the region your boat is located. This is because hurricane areas may have a higher risk factor than other locations, which can increase the price of your policy. The typical cost for boat insurance is between $300 and $500 per year, but you should be aware that this might fluctuate depending on the above factors.

Pricing Your Boat Insurance

Now that you understand the determining factors of insurance prices and the average boat insurance costs, you can select a policy. An agent can help you review the risks and factors, so you can end up with a policy that reflects your needs, your boat and your region.

Websites Designed with Insurance Companies in Mind

Insurance Agency Websites

Websites Designed with Insurance Companies in Mind

These days, a website is often the first point of contact, and sometimes the only point of contact, between insurance agencies and customers. That’s why insurance companies benefit from working with designers specializing in insurance agency websites.

Elements of a Good Website

While the designers creating your website can create an aesthetically pleasing design, the team also focuses on what makes the website run efficiently for you and your clients. Mostly, four aspects make a good insurance website:

Responsive technology for full optimization across devices
Clean and easy user experience
Security features for customer safety
Agency branding to draw customers in and showcase your services

A Website Built for You

There’s no reason why your agency’s website has to conform to what every other company is doing. If you want to have video content, the team can help you create it. If you want clients to be able to sign up for insurance in three simple steps, the team can help with that, too. The point is, your insurance website should be your own.

Insurance agency websites should be designed with care. Working with a team of experts means you can have a fully optimized website that is easy for your clients to use, all while improving client relations and growing your business.

Cyber Liability for Mid-Sized Businesses: Exposing Common Myths

Financial Guaranty California

Year over year the increased risk of cybercrime goes up. Companies of all sizes are at risk for a data breach, but there are still common myths surrounding whether mid-sized businesses need the added coverage of cyber liability policy from Financial Guaranty California. Unfortunately, these myths are easily debunked.

We’ve Got Insurance

Because there has been such a rise of cybercrime, many insurance providers have created a specific cyber liability policy. As the companies create new specific liability policies for cybercrime, they have begun to remove these coverages from other standard business policies. Your company could be held liable for the cybercrime without that added coverage.

We’re Too Small

Regardless of the size of the business, cybercrime still happens resulting in data breaches, lost hours and increased liabilities. Small and mid-sized businesses may not have the financial capital to recover from a data breach on their own. The results of cybercrime can be devastating for a business.

We Don’t Have Much Exposure

With nearly half of cyber crimes happening in small to mid-sized businesses, your business has plenty of exposure. An agent can go over the specific risks facing your business and guide you to the right coverage and pricing options to protect your data.

Insuring your mid-sized business with Financial Guaranty California allows your company to take advantage of a comprehensive insurance policy package including cyber liability. Cybercrime is on the rise is your business ready.


Why Business Supplies Need Insurance

Business supply insurance

Just as a business gets insurance for workers and unemployment, there is also a demand for business supply insurance. Here’s a few reasons why having insurance for supplies is important, even if you’ve never considered it before.

Business Supplies Can Get Damaged or Ruined

Just like anything else, supplies can get ruined through an accident, such as flooding, tornados, or even storms. This can leave the supplies unusable and end up costing a lot of money to get them replaced. Having coverage can prevent these problems from occurring and save a lot of money in the long run.

It Covers More Than Just Paper

Business supply insurance covers more than just paper and pens when it comes to office supplies. This can include printers, fax machines and copiers, computers, and other forms of telecommunications. Considering the cost to have these replaced can add up, this saves money and provides protection should an incident occur. For companies that have a lot of these items to cover, this provides the protection they need.

To protect a company against loss involving business supplies, it’s helpful to have insurance. It can protect the items in a variety of instances and can cover anything from computers to more basic office needs. It’s a helpful plan that can save money no matter what the circumstances.

Alternative Health Benefits of CBD

alternative health solutions with cbd

The United States healthcare system has been the topic of much debate recently. The rising cost of pharmaceutical medication, in particular, has garnered national scrutiny and caused great distress for low-income and uninsured individuals. Because of this, people have begun to seek alternative health solutions with cbd. Extensive research has been conducted to demonstrate the health benefits of cbd, and how it can often be used in place of prescription medications.

Headaches and Migraines

Many studies have shown that cbd is an effective treatment for pain relief, including common headaches and even more severe migraines. Research shows that cbd can have a positive interaction on the brain’s receptors and can improve your body’s pain management system.


There are several different kinds of prescription and non-prescription medications for inflammation, some of which have significant side effects. There are no proven side effects for cbd and many people say it’s just as effective, if not more, than prescriptions.


There are dozens of prescription medications to help treat insomnia, but many of them have severe side effects. In addition to inducing a general state of relaxation, cbd can also be used to help someone fall asleep and stay asleep.

There are many alternative health solutions with cbd, so you might want to look into substituting some of your prescription medication with a more natural and affordable option.