Basics of Cargo Liability

contingent cargo liability brokers

Shipping products has become a standard of modern business and has unique risks. One of these risks is liability for damages to the product being shipped, particularly when the shipper’s insurance declines to pay for the damages. This can mean that the freight broker will be held liable and is one reason why these freight forwarders will hire contingent cargo liability brokers. Contingent cargo liability plans can help cover the damages to products that other plans may decline to pay and keep your company afloat.

Having as much insurance coverage on your cargo company as possible can help keep your costs low if there is an accident resulting in damage to your equipment or cargo. By seeking a qualified broker, you can find the right plans to keep your insurance payments low and your coverage high enough to protect your business, your employees and your clients.

Contingent cargo liability brokers can help you find the right coverage for your freight brokerage. This means that you can have some insurance in case there is damage during shipping which is deemed your liability. For many companies, this coverage can save you from bankruptcy. Your insurance agent or broker can help you design the right comprehensive insurance plan, including contingent cargo liability, for the needs and risks of your business.