How to Train Brewery Staff


If you have a brewery, you already know how important training is. If you want the best staff possible, what do you need to focus on? Here are a couple of tips on employee training.

Focus on Customer Service

Customer service is crucial in any business where you are serving people. At a brewery, you need your employees to understand how to work with customers. They should know how to carry themselves and how to resolve conflicts. In addition, your staff needs to understand what a proper pour is and how to handle the glasses properly.

Educate on Beer Knowledge

If you have a brewery, your staff needs to have knowledge about beer. Your clients may have a number of different questions. The experts at stress the importance of staff knowing the basic terminology and vocabulary. In addition, your staff needs knowledge of the different types of beer available and what the ingredients inside of them are. If you have a customer who wants a specific flavor, will your staff know what to recommend?

When it comes to running a brewery, you need to focus on brewery training. A good staff is a hallmark of a good brewery. The employees are going to be the face of your brand. You need to make sure that the training reflects your goals.

How to Choose an Online Rent Payment Solution

Rent Rescue

Making rental payments as easy as possible on tenants means you have a higher chance of being paid on time. With so many options, it can be difficult to choose the best online rent payment solutions for your investment. There are a few things to consider before making a decision.

Best Companies

The experts at Rent Rescue recommend Cozy, PayYourRent, Avail, TenantCloud, and SparkRental. These companies offer a variety of features depending on your needs and size of your rental portfolio.

Payment Options

When deciding on the best company to choose, you need to look at their payment options. ACH transfers mean you have the money faster, but they often come with higher fees. Connecting to other services such as PayPal or Stripe may mean a one-to-two-day delay in payments, but many renters likely already use these types of services.

Rent Schedules

Investors with multiple properties may want scheduling options. Some services offer tenants the ability to automatically pull funds from their account. Rent reminders can ping them before rent is late automatically. These features can help streamline the process.

When choosing the best online rent payment solutions for your rental properties, make sure it is both convenient and secure. Keeping rent payments easy to make helps improve the likelihood of being paid on time.

Three Reasons to Choose a Boutique Brokerage for Insurance

iSure Insurance Brokers

There are many companies you can choose to go with to meet your insurance needs. However, each firm has its own policies and abilities to meet your needs. A boutique insurance brokerage offers many advantages over a general firm.

Innovative Solutions

Not every business is the same. Boutique firms can tailor policies to meet the actual risks your business faces. By using quality insurance products and a deep understanding of your business, these tailored solutions can better cover your exposures. The experts at iSure Insurance Brokers state the risk and liability climate is always shifting requiring innovative solutions to insurance.

Quality Benefits

The last thing your company wants is to spend a lot of money on insurance products that offer minimal benefits to the company and employees. Working with a boutique firm allows your business to maximize their insurance benefits while staying within your budget. Getting the most bang for your buck allows you to better cover your risks and provide coverage for your employees.

Wealth Protection

High-income individuals need coverage beyond the standard home, auto, and health. When the insurance runs out, you could be sued for additional money requiring the benefits of umbrella insurance. Or maybe you have expensive toys like a yacht or aircraft that need protection.

Whether an individual or a company set on growing, a boutique insurance brokerage can meet your insurance needs. The right coverage keeps you thinking and moving forward.

What’s the Difference Between Surety and Insurance?

iSure Insurance Brokers

Surety bonds are an important part of doing business for many professionals and businesses. They are what the term bonded refers to when you hire bonded contractors or service providers, and they are also used frequently for corporate officers whose decisions could expose the company to liability. They’re not insurance, though, and before you finalize your risk management plan, it’s important that you understand when you need one product and when you will be better served by the other.

Bonds vs Insurance Policies

Bonds are usually used to set aside a reserve fund in the event that there is an expense related to liability incurred in a professional capacity. That makes them complementary to your insurance, not an alternative since insurance policies cover you in case of a mishap or unexpected bad-faith actors. For those with high deductible business policies, a bond can even be a purchase designed to cover the deductible in the event of a claim, allowing you to operate with a clear mind about what happens in an emergency. If you need a bond, iSure Insurance Brokers has more information about exactly what it covers and how it interacts with the rest of your risk management plan. Make sure you learn everything you can before closing a purchase, that way you know you have everything you need.

Proper Fuel Tank Ventilation Keeps Boats Running

Merrimac Marine Insurance

Without properly installing the fuel tank, boat owners can face some serious consequences. Over time, the vents can become clogged and leave you stranded. Here are a few tips on how to properly vent a fuel tank.

Avoid Spills

The experts at Merrimac Marine Insurance recommends a fuel-surge protector and a no-spill valve to help prevent gasoline spills. In addition to not being environmentally friendly, fuel spills stain the hull. Keep the valves clean to allow the tank to breathe.

Vertical Installation

Designed for vertical installation, the fuel vents aim to keep the exhaust fumes away from the interior of the boat and moving outboard. Mount the vents high enough to avoid water splashing into them.

Prevent Traps

Traps or sags in the vent lines can prevent proper system functioning. The fuel can puddle if the fuel line is not straight. Allow gravity to work for your vent line.

Clamshell Cover

These handy devices keep heavy spray from entering the vent lines and mixing with your fuel. Face downward to keep rain and waves from entering the vent.

These tips on how to properly vent a fuel tank can prevent issues with the fuel. Keeping the vents, screens, and tank clean can prevent the boat from leaving you stranded.

Are You Eligible for Rent Default Insurance?

Rent Default Insurance

Owning rental property can be lucrative. If your tenants bail on you without adequate notice, however, you can be stuck with a lot of bills and no way to pay them. Loss of rent insurance can compensate you during these incidents if you qualify for it. There are several factors that insurance companies consider to determine your eligibility.

Who Is Eligible for Coverage?

As outlined on, landlords with contracted properties whose tenants meet certain risk requirements are typically eligible for rent default insurance. Owners of multifamily units, townhomes and rental houses may qualify for coverage if they rent to tenants who fulfill minimum financial stability requirements:

  • No evictions within the last five years
  • No recent bankruptcies
  • Financially capable of paying rent

Because your eligibility is directly related to your tenants’ rental records, it is important to screen prospective renters. Not offering a rental contract to potentially problematic tenants lowers the risk for your insurance company.

What Isn’t Eligible for Coverage?

Rent default insurance only covers the loss of the rent payment itself under normal circumstances as described by your policy. No property damage is covered, nor is loss of rent due to issues with the building itself.

Your insurance agent can help you navigate the coverage you need to protect your business. Rent default insurance may be a good policy to add to your package.

Comprehensive Risk Management for Trading Companies

iSure Insurance

Too many entrepreneurs underestimate the role of risk management in the successful growth of a business. It’s vital to have the right coverage to protect your company as it establishes itself, but overpaying can limit your cash flow by inflating your bottom line. The key in any industry is finding the right insurer, one who knows your business instead of just one who writes general business policies. In the international trade industry, that means finding an insurer who understands how to cover your operations, your workforce, and your inventory as you acquire, ship, and distribute it.

What Do International Trading Companies Need?

Policies built to suit businesses like yours have a lot of coverage options to balance, in a variety of insurance categories:
Commercial liability
Third-party liability
Ocean cargo insurance
Warehouse insurance
Health insurance and other employee benefits
Workers compensation
Product recall insurance
There are even more categories of coverage needed, but figuring out exactly what they require a full quote that accurately profiles your company. Companies like iSure Insurance hire and train professionals who know your industry, so they have the experience that you’re looking for when you want an accurate insurance quote. While general business insurers will do their best, they don’t tend to have people trained to anticipate the needs of international trading companies.

Do You Need Stop Gap Coverage? Do You Know?

World Wide Specialty Programs

What is stop-gap liability? Most employers don’t have a lot of familiarity with the term, but for staffing firms that operate in states with no employer liability option, it’s an essential level of protection against liability you can’t always control. Staffing companies are unique in that they wind up assuming many of the employer liabilities without having control over any of the workplaces where their people operate. As a result, it’s possible to be found negligent and liable for an employee’s injury without knowing the hazard existed. In a perfect world, visits to client sites would unveil everything, but in the real world, there are insurance options.

Employer Liability vs. Stop Gap

You might be wondering why you can’t just grab employer liability insurance, which is often the resource staffing firms reach for. Unfortunately, there are states where the worker’s compensation laws are written in a way that precludes the coverage from being offered. That leaves you with limited options, and stop-gap liability was designed to fill in those options. World Wide Specialty Programs can be a resource for understanding more about this coverage, how it fits with your existing coverage options, and what other insurance needs you might have that are related to the stopgap coverage. Learn more today.

Why Real Estate Agents Need Liability Coverage


You know that you’re a good real estate agent, but no matter how careful you are to do everything right, mistakes do occasionally happen. Even if you don’t make a mistake, an unhappy client could still sue you, costing you quite a bit of money in the legal fees you need to defend yourself in the lawsuit. This is where E&O for real estate agents comes in. It covers your legal fees and potential settlements the other party is given.

What’s Covered

If clients can show that a decision you made during the buying or selling process caused them harm, you may be sued for malpractice. Your E&O policy can cover accusations concerning a variety of legal issues:

Something wrong with the house that was missed on the inspection
Different payment amount than discussed
New damage to the property

Sometimes the lawsuits that clients bring are without merit. Huntersure recommends that you still have a way to pay the fees necessary for your defense.

What’s Not Covered

Most E&O policies have some exclusions. Most exclusions go to intent. If you intentionally misrepresent the property, for example, you are probably going to have to answer for that choice without the backing of your insurance company.
No matter how mindful you are of the buying or selling process, sometimes clients are dissatisfied. A solid E&O policy can come in handy when this happens.

4 Key Tips for Starting a Family Business

Many startup businesses are family affairs. However, family ties can cause unforeseen problems within the family unit if not addressed early. Protect your business with family business insurance and find a good balance with these tips.

Everything in Writing

Anything that deals with the business should be done in writing. This keeps the relationship professional regarding the business. It can help separate the personal by having everything in writing. With everything laid out in black and white, there can be increased communication and balanced expectations.

Outside the Family

Consider finding someone outside the family to keep the business balanced and creative. New ideas and advice from someone outside the family unit such as can help grow the business.

Develop a Plan

Don’t go into the business without a well-developed plan. Again, have the plan in writing and include the mission statement, long-term goals, succession plans and steps toward reaching those goals. Make sure it is financially sound. This may mean seeking out an attorney, financial planner and accountant to be thorough. Remember the plan can change and should as you grow.

Boundaries are Good

Remember to set some boundaries to avoid spending all your time on business or all your time on personal matters. This could mean family functions are off-limits for business talk.
Running a family business can be very rewarding. These tips along with family business insurance can help you navigate your new venture.