Common Risks Experienced by Every Property Manager

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Running an apartment building comes with many risks to the property manager. Using a company like US Risks Insurance to cover your liabilities can help you manage your risk. Here are some common risks.

Tenant Discrimination

Tenant discrimination still happens unfortunately. Despite your best efforts or intentions, the tenant may file a claim stating they were discriminated against.

Employment Practices

An apartment complex requires several employees to run efficiently. There are people to run the office, maintain the grounds and handle maintenance requests. An employee who feels unfairly treated or fired without grounds can sue your business.

Business Income

Disasters happen causing destruction and loss of income. When a loss is covered, business income insurance helps cover those extra expenses and loss of rent the property experiences.

Builders Risk

Adding a new building to your apartment complex can increase your rental income but the construction phase comes with its own risks. A builders risk policy covers mistakes the contractors may make.

D&O Liability

If the apartment complex has a board of directors, directors and officers liability helps cover mistakes the board makes. Common mistakes include discrimination and fiduciary duty breaches.

Protect the risks associated with running an apartment building by addressing these concerns with US Risks Insurance. The policies help protect the financial assets of the business and handle the claims process.

Insurance Built for Your Agency

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Insurance Built for Your Agency

If you run a temporary staffing agency, you know how valuable you are to helping businesses and workers fill in employment gaps. You also know there are certain times when you face risks that only temporary staffing insurance can protect you from. That’s why having the right insurance is so vital to your company’s operations.

The Help Insurance Provides

When a dispute occurs between a company and the worker you helped get hired, you can often find your agency in the middle of it. Unfortunately, that is part of being a staffing firm. However, you want to be covered from any harm or damages if that dispute escalates to a lawsuit.

To do that, you need an insurance policy that covers you and provides assistance with these situations. The following are typical coverage options for temporary staffing agencies and ones you should have for optimal protection:

Workers compensation
Auto insurance
Property insurance
Professional liability
General liability

Helping You Continue Offering Your Services

You play a vital role in staffing businesses, and both companies and employees appreciate your help. Temporary staffing insurance protects your company when there is friction between workers and their employers while keeping you out of the thick of things. That means you can continue helping businesses and workers even when a claim or dispute arises.

Cyber Liability for Mid-Sized Businesses: Exposing Common Myths

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Year over year the increased risk of cybercrime goes up. Companies of all sizes are at risk for a data breach, but there are still common myths surrounding whether mid-sized businesses need the added coverage of cyber liability policy from Financial Guaranty California. Unfortunately, these myths are easily debunked.

We’ve Got Insurance

Because there has been such a rise of cybercrime, many insurance providers have created a specific cyber liability policy. As the companies create new specific liability policies for cybercrime, they have begun to remove these coverages from other standard business policies. Your company could be held liable for the cybercrime without that added coverage.

We’re Too Small

Regardless of the size of the business, cybercrime still happens resulting in data breaches, lost hours and increased liabilities. Small and mid-sized businesses may not have the financial capital to recover from a data breach on their own. The results of cybercrime can be devastating for a business.

We Don’t Have Much Exposure

With nearly half of cyber crimes happening in small to mid-sized businesses, your business has plenty of exposure. An agent can go over the specific risks facing your business and guide you to the right coverage and pricing options to protect your data.

Insuring your mid-sized business with Financial Guaranty California allows your company to take advantage of a comprehensive insurance policy package including cyber liability. Cybercrime is on the rise is your business ready.


Why Business Supplies Need Insurance

Business supply insurance

Just as a business gets insurance for workers and unemployment, there is also a demand for business supply insurance. Here’s a few reasons why having insurance for supplies is important, even if you’ve never considered it before.

Business Supplies Can Get Damaged or Ruined

Just like anything else, supplies can get ruined through an accident, such as flooding, tornados, or even storms. This can leave the supplies unusable and end up costing a lot of money to get them replaced. Having coverage can prevent these problems from occurring and save a lot of money in the long run.

It Covers More Than Just Paper

Business supply insurance covers more than just paper and pens when it comes to office supplies. This can include printers, fax machines and copiers, computers, and other forms of telecommunications. Considering the cost to have these replaced can add up, this saves money and provides protection should an incident occur. For companies that have a lot of these items to cover, this provides the protection they need.

To protect a company against loss involving business supplies, it’s helpful to have insurance. It can protect the items in a variety of instances and can cover anything from computers to more basic office needs. It’s a helpful plan that can save money no matter what the circumstances.

Four Key Insurance Coverages For Construction Companies

Construction Insurance in Wayne

Are you looking for construction insurance in Wayne, NJ?

If you’ve found it challenging to determine the coverages you need, here are four of the key insurance options that you should be sure to include in your policy.

General Liability

General liability insurance is broad coverage in case a third party suffers bodily injury or property damage because of your business. If a lawsuit is filed against you, your policy will cover the legal fees and any other expenses for which you’re liable.

Professional Liability

Professional liability is for construction companies who are also designers. If your client files a lawsuit claiming that your design didn’t meet their expectations or includes errors, your policy will cover the cost of any legal fees associated with the case.

Pollution Liability

Pollution liability insurance covers you in case a lawsuit is filed against you because your construction activities lead to pollution that caused harm to a third party or their property. Your policy can also be used to purchase items to help mitigate pollution.

Workers’ Compensation

Unlike many other industries, workers’ compensation is a requirement for construction companies. Your policy should cover your employees and any subcontractors you may work with as well.

Plenty of other insurance options exist to keep you covered against the many risks that are inherent to the construction industry. Work with an agent who’s experienced in construction insurance in Wayne, NJ to create the policy that’s perfect for you.

Master the Search for a Marine Insurance Company

New York marine insurance company

Many different companies seek out marine insurance. Marine insurance covers cargo, terminals, ports and the ships themselves. This coverage is important to cover any damage to a ship and protects the owner in terms of liability. Of course, when it comes to finding the right New York marine insurance company, you have to do your research.

What Type of Coverage Do You Need?

If you aren’t sure before you start the search, that’s okay. You can find out as you go and many insurance providers will help you decide which is best. Here are some of the coverages you need to consider:

  • Protection to damages of cargo
  • Protection to injuries of anyone on the vessel
  • Protection to damages to infrastructure

This is not a complete list, of course. There are many different coverages available.

How Much Do You Know About Marine Insurance?

You may want to ask yourself how much you need to rely on the information from your New York marine insurance company. You may need a company that is more hands-on and informative if this is your first time purchasing insurance. Even if it isn’t, it helps to have a company that is there to answer your questions and calls when necessary.

To purchase marine insurance is important for your business. Since you need coverage that protects you, you want to make sure you’re getting the best from the company.

What is VMS and How Can Your Business Benefit?

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VMS or Vendor Management Services is an external workforce solution for business to manage its contingent workforce, both temporary and permanent. The right VMS system can help with onboarding, staffing, contingent staff feedback ratings and invoice handling. These service systems can be internet based or they can be a combination of staff and computer systems. They are particularly used by companies who have large temporary staffs.

Benefits of VMS

Some of the benefits to business of a good VMS system are:

  • Reduced total costs of procurement
  • Enhanced vendor performance
  • More efficient purchasing
  • Ensures legal obligations are met in staffing
  • Helps protect your brand

How a VMS System Helps Reduce Risk

  1. Effective tracking and higher visibility can mitigate supplier risk and ensure regulatory compliance.
  2. Using the right system can save your company administrative fees and avoid penalty costs.
  3. The VMS system can identify and reduce vendor data security breaches.
  4. Third-party vendors who are a credit risk can be identified.

An effective vendor management services system can help a business identify and manage risk while minimizing the costs and staffing that would be involved in direct oversight. The best systems are designed to reduce costs, identify and manage risk, and improve vendor performance.

How to Pick The Best Business Insurance in Orange County

business insurance in Orange County

If you own a business in the Orange County area, you know how expensive it is to rent office space, pay for equipment, and ultimately pay for your employee’s time. These expenses can make or break your business and the last thing you want to have to worry about is misfortune. Having the right business insurance in Orange County can help to negate any of the consequences you might experience from any misfortune that happens to your business.

So how do you pick business insurance providers in Orange County? First, finding a provider with experience is key. The types of coverages that are offered are a great indicator if the business insurance in Orange County provider is the right one to go with or not. For example, experienced insurance providers know that not all businesses are built the same. Thus, they will offer a wide range of coverages such as business interruption insurance, workers compensation insurance and management liability insurance just to name a few.

Having many different coverages to pick from is extremely important as a business owner to make sure that you can receive and get the coverages that will best protect you in a time of misfortune or catastrophe.

Who Needs Insurance for Errors and Omissions?

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Errors and omissions insurance covers professionals for just what it says: if they make a mistake or forget something in the course of doing business. Since there are so many potential mistakes or missing components that can result while providing services to a client, covering for errors omissions in New York is a crucial insurance protection in a wide range of professional industries.

When considering whether you need E&O coverage, think about the potential risks you are exposed to in terms of making technical mistakes while conducting your particular service, and the potential for damages to your client as a result of leaving something out. For example, if you work in the real estate sector, you are required to provide your clients with the information they need to make an informed decision about their property purchase. Forgetting a step in the process or making a mistake on the paperwork could result in financial damage to your clients or a claim against you for negligence in carrying out your work. The same is true for many other professionals: attorneys, accountants, engineers, architects, design professionals. If you’re providing a service, you may need this type of coverage.

Risking a lawsuit due to a human error is a chance that a skilled professional shouldn’t take. Speaking to an insurance professional can be a good first step in determining whether or not errors omissions in New York is right for you.

Coverage You Can Add to Your Business Owner Policy

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A Carmel business owner policy (BOP) can provide you with comprehensive insurance coverage in one easy package. Business owner policies combine liability and property insurance coverages, but there are also complementary policies that can be added to the BOP to prevent gaps in coverage.

Three of the most common of these coverages are worker’s compensation, employment practices liability and professional liability. Workers’ compensation coverage protects you if an employee injures him or herself on the job and files a claim. Since this risk has the potential to present a major expense, it’s an important coverage for a business owner to have. Employment practices liability insurance covers your business in the event of a lawsuit based on a wrongful act during the employment process. Examples of this include suits for discrimination, harrassment, wrongful termination or retaliation. Professional liability coverage is also referred to as errors and omissions (E&O). If you operate a service business or give advice to your clients as part of your professional practice, this coverage protects you from claims of negligence.

A Carmel business owner policy is a great foundation to your company’s insurance coverage, and it can be complemented by other policies that cater to your business’ specific needs. Having a well-rounded insurance package gives you peace of mind to grow your business despite the many risks you may face.