What Does Boat Dealer Insurance Cover?

Dealership insurance is always complex, because you have expensive inventory, a valuable site for your operations, employees, and of course, liability coverage needs that include policies specifically designed to handle your risk exposure when a client wants an opportunity to get a feel for a boat before purchasing. That’s why you need comprehensive boat dealer insurance that is just as rich and robust as the programs put together for auto or RV dealerships.

Basic Coverage Areas

While every program is a little different in its limitations, maximum coverage provisions, and exact coverage definitions, here is what you can count on seeing in any program designed to serve the needs of boat dealers.

  • Theft or damage of your inventory as well as customer watercrafts is covered
  • Damage from weather events is handled
  • Damage during transport, sea trials, or test drives
  • Cybercrime and online liability insurance
  • Employee injuries as well as general liability coverage
  • Protection against issues with workmanship
  • Premises insurance

For most boat dealers, this covers everything. If you do need something extra, just ask. Most boat dealer insurance programs are flexible, with extra provisions and options for businesses with needs that are a little different. Whether it’s because you also run rentals or because your dealership is part of a larger business enterprise, you’ll be surprised what a good program can help you cover.