What’s the Difference Between Surety and Insurance?

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Surety bonds are an important part of doing business for many professionals and businesses. They are what the term bonded refers to when you hire bonded contractors or service providers, and they are also used frequently for corporate officers whose decisions could expose the company to liability. They’re not insurance, though, and before you finalize your risk management plan, it’s important that you understand when you need one product and when you will be better served by the other.

Bonds vs Insurance Policies

Bonds are usually used to set aside a reserve fund in the event that there is an expense related to liability incurred in a professional capacity. That makes them complementary to your insurance, not an alternative since insurance policies cover you in case of a mishap or unexpected bad-faith actors. For those with high deductible business policies, a bond can even be a purchase designed to cover the deductible in the event of a claim, allowing you to operate with a clear mind about what happens in an emergency. If you need a bond, iSure Insurance Brokers has more information about exactly what it covers and how it interacts with the rest of your risk management plan. Make sure you learn everything you can before closing a purchase, that way you know you have everything you need.

Life Insurance for Your Personal Lifestyle

Catholic life insurance

When selecting life insurance it is important to consider your financial needs, your stage in life, your desires for your family, and also the type of lifestyle that is important to you. The National Catholic Society of Foresters (NCSF) provides Catholic life insurance options that reflect the values that are important to you, including providing for your family and contributing to your community.

The Low Cost Term Life Insurance products available through NCSF allow for premium payments that stay the same throughout the life of the term insurance policy. Terms are available from ten to thirty years and for face amounts between $50,000 and $4,000,000. You have the option to convert to whole life insurance within the first ten years of your term insurance plan. Policies include a guaranteed death benefit that is paid income tax free to named beneficiaries. Riders are available that can waive premiums in the case of disability or that will double death benefits in the case of accidental death.

In addition to securing the financial future of your family, insurance through NCSF comes with many member benefits. Members of the society engage in service and philanthropy through programs in local society courts. Grants and scholarships are available to members, and funds from the sale of insurance go back into communities to support those in need.

Why You Should Consider a Benefit Society in Your Hunt for Life Insurance

NCSF life insurance

Life insurance is a product many people consider purchasing throughout their lives, and it’s easy to see why. Even though it may be uncomfortable to consider not being around to care your family any longer, life insurance can bring a considerable peace of mind. Benefit societies can often offer a lot more than a typical insurance agency, and it may be worthwhile to research their options. If you’ve decided to purchase NCSF life insurance, there are many options for you to choose from. All have their different terms and various advantages, so it may be worth it to do your research, but here are some of the things NCSF can do for you.

The long history of their organization should mean a long history of experience and product knowledge. Other members should be able to attest to the quality of the products and how the membership benefits and activities have enriched their lives. NCSF product variety is also an advantage. You may have a family you want your insurance to take care of, or maybe you live on your own and want to have your funeral costs and arrangements established ahead of time. Maybe you’re retired or want to safeguard your business for after you’re gone. With NCSF life insurance, you can provide a safety net for the specific things you want to protect.

What Makes Bar Insurance Plans Different?

bar insurance

Having the right mix of insurance plans for your business can be legally requires as well as helpful for your bottom line. Having the right bar insurance means more than just making sure that you have general liability, however, because some places will require that you have liquor liability or other specialty plans.

Not only will insurance for bars and taverns need to cover the same things as plans for other industries, such as general liability and workers’ compensation, but they will also need to cover liquor liability and even assault and battery risks.

The best way to find the right insurance for your company is to determine what is required in your municipality as well as in your industry. You can then see what coverage is available and which insurance companies offer the best plans. Many companies offer contact information online and even online communications, so you don’t have to go over everything at once or in person.

Bar insurance packages differ from plans for other types of companies because they need to cover the customers, employees and property from the costs of damages from accidents involving food and alcohol as well as other risks. This means that many packages designed for bars and taverns will bundle general liability, workers’ compensation and liquor liability among other things.

Effective Ways to Find the Best Staffing Company Insurance Coverage

temporary staffing insurance

Do you ever get overwhelmed shopping for an insurance provider for your business needs? There are many choices out there, but no everyone has your best interests at heart, and not every company has the right package for you. The next time you need temporary staffing insurance, follow some proven methods to make the right choice.


Your first step should be to spend some time at your office computer investigating local temporary staffing insurance agencies. Go to these websites and learn as much as you can about them. Find out what packages they offer, what premiums costs, how much experience the agencies have and other relevant information.


It will take some time, but it would be helpful to visit with agency representatives and talk them in person. You can find out a lot more through a one-on-one conversation than by reading words on a page.

Talk to Colleagues

If you’re well connected with others in temporary staffing, you surely know other companies that have recently made changes to their insurance plans. Ask which agencies they’ve chosen and how they feel about their service.

If you use these methods, you should be able to find a reliable insurance company to help you. This way, you will be prepared for just about anything.

The X-Mod Factor

Orange Insurance

Businesses may pay unfairly inflated insurance premiums because they operate in highly populated counties like Los Angeles, Riverside or Orange. Insurance rates increase based on a rating called an experience modification factor, or X-Mod. The X-Mod rating is a comparison of how many claims a business files compared to other similar industries in the area and is prone to errors resulting from faulty input data.

Regular Review Uncovers Errors

An insurance company experienced in business claims can analyze a company’s X-Mod rating to determine if it is paying too high an insurance premium. By performing regular checkups, the provider may uncover errors about:

  • Demographic information
  • Claims filed
  • Loss control
  • Miscalculation of X-Mod formulas

The result of finding any errors and fixing them is lowering the X-Mod rating resulting in a reduction in the business’ monthly premium. In some cases, corrected X-Mod scores may prompt insurance companies to refund part of the overpaid premiums retroactively.

Every Penny Counts

For businesses to remain profitable, it can be as important to reduce expenses as it is to increase income. Since more errors tend to occur in counties with larger populations like Los Angeles, Riverside and Orange, insurance spending in these areas can be artificially high. Having an X-Factor rating reviewed and corrected if necessary is a straightforward way for companies to stop one potentially wasteful expense.

Marketing Strategies Many Agents Swear By

Insurance agents have found out that it’s important that they spend sufficient time marketing their products for public consumption. With competition so high, now’s the time to really dig in with a new and improved Agent Insurance Marketing strategy, one that uses the trends of tomorrow to enhance many of the successful strategies already in place today.


Know your audience


Social media remains the focal point of businesses across many spectrums, and more than 70 percent of insurance agents use referrals and social media as prime avenues for attracting leads from millennials. If this is your target audience you need to utilize the tools available to you in order to reach this prime demographic. Social media, when used properly, can help generate new leads and in turn create more sales.


Social media, much like the insurance business, is about nurturing relationships. Don’t be afraid to listen to what your audience is telling you. Find out about the things they like, versus what’s annoying to them, and prioritize these issues so you can better serve them and their needs. You can help by taking part in the conversation and engaging them on their own terms.


Of the many marketing strategies that are in play, online referrals rank pretty high. Word of mouth is vital in the insurance world, and not just with millennials. A large percentage of people ask friends and family for referrals when it’s time to buy insurance, and many turn to social acquaintances and colleagues.


Adding video content to your site is another tool that can really work wonders for insurance agents. Some of the fastest growing insurance agencies use video on their websites, with better-than-average results, to not only market products and services, but also provide educational value to their audience.


You should, in addition to your online Agent Insurance Marketing, make sure to deliver useful content via email. Often, one of the keys to getting new prospects is a can’t-miss email subject line. The subject line is your first contact. A poor subject line can result in emails that are never opened, deleted or reported as spam. Nearly half of consumers have stated that the subject line is what prompts them to open most email, so it’s important to get it right the first time.


Insurance Can Help Relieve Marina’s Financial Responsibilities

insurance for marinas

Marinas are often not just some space for people to keep their boats or yachts. They may also set up boating races, provide classes and employ many individuals. In all these cases, something may go wrong, and the marina may be held financially responsible. Fortunately, there are various types of insurance for marinas that can help provide the necessary money.

If a boat or yacht get damaged during a race or a class, the marina may be held liable. To help pay for these expenses, insurance may be useful. Additionally, even if the marina’s own boats experiences issues, this can potentially lead to loss of profit. Purchasing water vessels is generally not cheap, and fixing them typically isn’t either. That’s why having the right insurance can be vital.

Marinas may also employ individuals. As employers, they will usually be held liable if a worker gets injured on the job. As a result, the marina may not only be responsible for paying all the medical bills, they may also be responsible for paying some of the lost wages as well. Workers compensation insurance can help pay for these significant costs.

Owners of marinas have many responsibilities and may have significant expenses if anything goes wrong. There are different types of insurance for marinas that may be beneficial to have if any problems occur.

The Importance of Professional Liability Insurance

professional liability insurance in Indianapolis

Companies that offer services, consultations, product analysis or any other provisions that influence the practices of other business need to be protected against liabilities. When you’re shopping around for professional liability insurance in Indianapolis, it’s not enough to go with an agent who offers a general policy that covers you against “most” errors and omissions. In order to really safeguard your company against the myriad of legal entrapments that exist in the business world, you have to find a provider that understands your industry. Without coverage that is properly tailored to your specific enterprise, you could still run into liability problems down the road.

In addition to having appropriate protection, companies need professional liability insurance in Indianapolis that matches their size and spending limits. Some plans may meet some of your needs but not all of them, while others may be excessive. If you sell a product that another company uses to improve their own goods, that’s a very specific liability that you need to be covered for. However, if your firm consults and advises other business managers, you need a plan that addresses the possible ramifications associated with that type of work.

The right liability insurance is the plan that is made with your business in mind. Remember that as you look for good business insurers in Indianapolis.