How Course of Construction Insurance Protects Your Projects

SB One Insurance

If you are looking for insurance for a construction project, you should consider the benefits of a course of the construction plan. These insurance plans are also called builders’ risk insurance policies, and they are a smart way to protect the various aspects of your construction site in cases of unforeseen circumstances that would require replacement of materials or redoing work that had previously been completed.

What Does the Course of Construction Insurance Cover?

A course of construction insurance policies is meant to protect your company from losses at a project site. This usually occurs through reimbursement for property damages and losses. According to SB One Insurance, you can often customize your course of construction insurance policy to serve the specific needs and concerns of a particular project, and in some cases, multiple projects, but a standard policy covers the most common incidents on construction sites. A few situations that are normally included are vandalism, theft, explosions, and fires. Examples of optional additions for your course of construction plan are coverage of soft costs and losses due to legal changes or flooding. A quality insurance company will also have options for testing coverage so you are not responsible for malfunctions of machinery you don’t build but must install.

Every building project will be well served by a trustworthy cost of the construction insurance policy. With the right insurance provider, you can focus on completing your assignment without worrying about potential disasters and their costs.

Insurance Solutions for Contractors

Construction general liability insurance

Understanding the difference between construction general liability insurance and other kinds of insurance is necessary for many contractors. The following describes some common forms of insurance.

Property Insurance

Your business property is part of what you have invested in your success, and it should be protected. Property insurance will cover tools and equipment for many contractors.

Builders Risk

This is a specific type of property insurance that offers coverage for fire, vandalism and other unforeseen events that may occur during construction. Each project will have a different value, and therefore different needs for builders risk insurance.

Construction General Liability Insurance

If someone files a lawsuit against your business for property damage or injury, liability insurance can protect you. It will cover injuries to non-employees and damages that may occur on property that is not owned by your business.

Commercial Vehicles

Commercial vehicle insurance needs will vary depending on state requirements. Individual contractors may need this insurance for coverage beyond what is offered by their personal auto insurance.

If you are shopping for insurance, from construction general liability insurance to builders risk coverage, it is important to find an insurance agency that will take the time to understand your business. This will help you know you are purchasing insurance that fits your needs.

What is Construction Management Liability Insurance?

Construction management liability insurance is insurance that is purchased by a Construction Manager to ensure coverage in the event that one of the contracted companies — general contractor, architect, engineer — doesn’t perform according to standards and an error results in cost. An insurance policy specific to a Construction Management firm must be specially written to cover their unique liability, as their responsibilities and services are unique in the field. Construction Managers act as a point person for the entire project; they report directly to the Owner of the project, and all others engaged to do work on the project report to them. Thus they are responsible for the entirety of the project, but they aren’t the designer or producer of the finished project.

When purchasing construction management liability insurance, one must be sure that the agents they’ve chosen are experienced, qualified, and business savvy. This type of insurance isn’t offered by every agency; it would behoove a construction manager to ensure that they’re dealing with a company with expertise in the construction industry in order to get the best quality and the most useful coverage for their expense. Policies are available in many different amounts and with different coverages that can be optimized to suit your business. If you’re in need of liability insurance for your Construction Management firm, research your options carefully.