Why You Should Choose an Independent Insurance Agent

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Choosing a new insurance provider can be overwhelming, given how many different options there are in the Oklahoma market. As in many states, insurance agents can either work for a particular insurance company or a variety of companies, according to a statement from the Oklahoma Insurance Department. Rather than being locked into an insurance plan from a single company with little flexibility, consider discussing your unique coverage needs with one of the high-quality independent insurance agents of Oklahoma.

A Personalized Experience

Each person or company that consults with an independent agent has particular characteristics that require coverage, whether they be personal liability plans for a construction business or automotive coverage for a new driver. An independent agent can help each client find the right insurance plan in the right budget to ensure they are protected.

A Simpler Style

Independent insurance agents will often work with several different insurance companies. In doing so, these agents perform the hard work of cost comparisons so you can focus on your work or family. Often, independent agents can get you a better deal on a greater selection of coverage options due to their connections and experience.

A Lifelong Connection

By building a solid working relationship with one of the highly-qualified independent insurance agents of Oklahoma, you can protect your future, no matter what life throws at you.

3 Ways to Know You’ve Found the Right Insurance Agency

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Look online at all the insurance companies in your area, and you’re bound to come up with a lengthy list. Everyone knows how critical it is to be adequately insured to protect your present and future. But with all the options, how do you know what insurance agency in Oaklyn you should choose? Here are a few guidelines to follow.

Full Menu of Options

Insurance coverage shouldn’t be limited to one or two of your important assets. You should be searching for agencies that offer multiple types of coverage. At a minimum, these include homeowner’s insurance, life insurance and automobile insurance.


This would be at or near the top of any list, regardless of what type of service you needed. In the insurance world, there’s no substitute for experience. This business can be complex and complicated, so you need someone you can trust and count on that will have the expertise and knowledge you need.

Personal Attention

Any insurance agency in Oaklyn shouldn’t count you as simply another number or customer on a spreadsheet. Your needs are important, and they should be treated as such. Agencies should consider your matters with care and concern.

Deciding on an insurance agent requires thoughtful consideration. Take these tips into account, and you’ll make the right choice.

Malpractice Insurance: Protect Yourself From the What-Ifs

malpractice insurance for nurse practitioners

You’re in the healthcare profession as a nurse practitioner. You are doing what you love, helping people and making sure they reach their optimum health. But what happens when your best intention goes wrong? Nurse practitioners need to protect themselves from malpractice as much as other allied healthcare professionals. Malpractice insurance offers a buffer against losses due to suits.


You should be aware of the limits of your current coverage. In many cases, nurse practitioners are required to carry liability insurance. However, this insurance does not protect against malpractice. Malpractice insurance extends extra coverage to nurse practitioners.


Remember that in any practice, the business itself comes first. In many cases, nurse practitioners are added onto any suits against doctors. As a nurse practitioner, you should have alternate individual insurance to protect yourself.


When looking for insurance, you should find a company that has three critical components. First, the company should have experience, especially in the area of allied health. Secondly, the company should have competitive rates. Third of all, the company should have the ability to provide an immediate quote without any hidden fees.

Malpractice insurance for nurse practitioners is a way of protecting yourself from the potential what-ifs. The day may never come when you are sued, but wouldn’t you rather be protected?

After You File a Temporary Staffing Insurance Claim

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One question to ask insurance companies you are considering for your temporary staffing insurance company is this: “What happens after I file a claim?” In company responses, look for a straightforward step-by-process and ease of contact.

Acknowledgement of Claim

In the first 24 to 48 hours after filing the claim, you should expect to receive written acknowledgement of the claim you filed. This acknowledgement should include the claim number as well as the name and contact information of the insurance claims professional handling the claim.

Contact from Claims Claims professional

Within one business day of the claim being received, the claims professional should contact your staffing agency to talk about the claim and where the process could go. This contact is normally via telephone.

If a lawsuit has been filed against your agency, the claims professional reviews your coverage and assigns you defense attorneys. They are chosen from a list of qualified area attorneys.


Dealing with a temporary staffing insurance claim can be an overwhelming and uncomfortable process. It is important that your insurance company is responsive to your questions. To that end, ways to contact your claims professional should be clearly listed. For example, you should know your claims professional’s name, mailing address, phone numbers, fax numbers, website URL and email address.

Protect Your Manufacturing Company From Liability With a Product Liability Insurance Policy

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A product liability insurance policy protects companies in the even that products they manufacture injure someone or cause property damage. Product liability insurance is particularly important for businesses that deal in product manufacturing and production. It protects a business financially in the case of a lawsuit claiming product defects. Manufacturers are legally responsible for damages that may arise from the use of their products. The manufacturer has the responsibility to ensure that products are of high quality. Most liability claims are covered by a company’s commercial general liability policy (CGL). CGL policies generally cover bodily injury and property damage that occurs off business property that is the result of a product. Unfortunately, CGL policies do not cover damages to a product when the damage was caused by a faulty part or faulty workmanship during manufacture. If the manufacturer of the equipment is also the manufacturer of the faulty part, CGL policies do not cover damages. A product liability insurance policy goes further than a CGL policy and can be purchased independently of CGL.

Having product liability insurance is especially important for partnerships and sole proprietors. Unlike corporations, these business owners do not have a corporate shield to hide behind in the case of a lawsuit. Product liability exposure lasts as long as a product is in use even if the product is no longer in production. Therefore, your product liability insurance policy should be kept in force as long as the possibility remains that a product is in use and could cause injury or damage.

Why Do Insurance Agents Need Insurance Agent Professional Liability Coverage?

As an insurance agent, you may wonder why you need professional liability for your company. After all, you are the one providing coverage for so many other individuals and companies, that you are bound to be in a good place. Unfortunately, there are some things that could happen without you even being prepared. That is when it would be essential to have insurance agent professional liability. The following are some of the main reasons why this coverage is essential to your business:


  • Errors – Nobody is perfect, no matter how hard they try. This is why insurance is needed to cover errors. An error in the insurance industry is when the agent provides faulty service to the client. This could be a policy that did not include everything it should, or even a contract that did not contain full disclosure.
  • Omissions – In addition to errors that occur, sometimes a service is omitted all together. Of course, you would never intend to do this to a client, but mistakes happen and clients expect perfection. Omissions are protected under professional liability.


With errors and omissions coverage, your legal fees will be covered should the claimant take you to court. Additionally, there will be policy limits for damages that are awarded, should it come to that. Speaking to an advisor about insurance agent professional liability will ensure that even though you are doing your best, you will be protected in the case of a mistake during business.