AXIS_A Guide to DO Litigation

Individuals serving as directors and officers (D&O) for any business can be held personally liable in certain instances if the organization they work for is sued. D&O litigation cost can be astronomical, so it may be wise to consider obtaining some insurance to offset the potentially steep costs.

What To Know

D&O liability insurance covers certain entities and certain people working for them in the event that they are sued. Directors and officers are covered for any personal losses under these policies. Additionally, the entity for which they work will be covered for legal fees and any other D&O litigation cost. Most policies will not cover fees associated with fraud or criminal activity. Typically an organization seeking $1,000,000 will pay between $5,000 and $10,000 in insurance premiums for D&O liability insurance.

Types of Coverage

There are three different types of coverage for D&O insurance. The first type, Side A coverage, covers directors and officers in suits where the company either cannot or will not pay for indemnification. Side B coverage covers the losses of those individuals when the organization refuses to grant indemnification. Side C coverage is also known as entity coverage and provides coverage for the business entity.

Since costs associated with D&O lawsuits can soar sky-high, it would be beneficial to many businesses to consider D&O liability insurance.

Protect Your Directors and Officers From Litigation

Each business faces different liability risks. If you employ a board of directors, these professionals face unique risks that can not only affect the company’s financial health but can also be damaging to their personal assets. It is important to discuss your unique business model with your insurance agent to ensure you get the best protection for all involved.

Protect Your Directors With Liability Insurance

Directors and officers insurance protects your executives from claims filed by unhappy clients, customers, vendors and investors. Even if your staff has done nothing wrong, they could be liable for expensive legal fees. D&O coverage protects your executives and your company from legal expenses and possible settlements.

Understand the Risks That Are Covered Under D&O Insurance

Your executive team has the responsibility to maintain a financially healthy and sound company. The decisions they make can sometimes cause monetary hardship for clients. The most common claims include:

  • Misappropriation of company funds
  • Misrepresentation of the company’s financial health
  • Negligence
  • Failure to follow necessary laws and regulations
  • Intellectual property theft claims by competitors

It’s important to understand that criminal acts by your directors are usually not covered under most D&O plans, so make sure your executives understand their role.

Investing in a comprehensive D&O plan protects your directors and your company from unwanted claims.

What to Know About Employer’s Liability Insurance for Volunteers

VIS Volunteers

All employers know that they are expected to keep their employees safe in the workplace. However, when your employees are volunteers, you may wonder do you need employers liability insurance for volunteers. Here is everything you need to know about proper coverage for charities.

What Is an Employer’s Liability Insurance?

The main purpose of the employer’s liability insurance is to protect employers from financial loss if an employee suffers a work-related injury. In most cases, this type of coverage can help pay for the costs associated with compensation payments or defense against an allegation. To keep themselves properly protected from any unexpected incident, employers should find the liability coverage that works best for them.

Do Charities Need Employer’s Liability Insurance?

Some charities may view this form of coverage is optional. However, all charities still have an important responsibility to keep each of their volunteers safe. If you’re wondering do you need employers liability insurance for volunteers, remember that creating a secure environment for all of your workers can help everyone succeed in the long run.

As explained by VIS Volunteers, the right employer’s liability insurance can keep you properly protected and help your charity thrive. Speak to your insurer or broker to find the coverage that is properly tailored to your needs.

Professional Liability Insurance Is a Must for Lawyers

Legal professional liability insurance

As an attorney, you probably encounter lawsuits all the time. With an increasingly complicated system of laws and regulations, your chances of becoming a plaintiff in one of these suits increase every day. Even if your disgruntled client doesn’t have a valid case, the damage from legal malpractice allegations can put your career in jeopardy. Even worse, settlements from errors and omissions can be expensive. Legal professional liability insurance can provide peace of mind for you and your firm.

As a smart lawyer, you might choose to purchase professional liability insurance for a variety of reasons. Most significantly, a malpractice policy gives you protection against claims of negligence, errors, and omissions. This will free your mind to concentrate on building your practice and effectively representing your clients. But, having a good policy in place will also increase your clients’ confidence in your practice. And, because your policy likely extends to your staff, those working for you will feel more comfortable as well.

When choosing a professional liability insurance policy, be sure to find one that is customizable. You want to be able to beef up protection in areas where your firm is more at risk while limiting coverage that you do not need. Finally, make sure that your legal professional liability insurance satisfies all legal and ethical requirements established by the bar in the jurisdiction where you practice.

How Staffing Companies Can Protect Against Employee Lawsuits

employee liability insurance

Businesses in the staffing industry have several unique risks relating to employees. There are two main types of employee liability insurance that should be considered. Protecting yourself from unexpected claims is key to avoiding a financially crippling claim.

What Does Employee Benefits Liability Cover?

This insurance policy protects against claims that your administration was negligent. The errors and omissions covered by this plan are different than those covered by a traditional fiduciary liability policy. An example would be failing to change beneficiaries on a life insurance plan. Another covered instance may be failing to enroll your employee in your company’s medical plan.

What About Employment Practices Liability?

The second type of employee liability coverage covers other employment-related claims. This coverage is crucial to the staffing industry due to the fact their employees are under the management of their clients. The claims covered by this policy include:

  • Discrimination
  • Wrongful termination
  • Sexual harassment
  • Wrongful discipline
  • Wrongful demotion

While many lawsuits can end up holding no ground, defense costs can be difficult to deal with on their own. Shelling out the cash for time-consuming litigation can hinder your business from running smoothly. Consider your risks and look into these two forms of employee liability insurance. Protect yourself from any claims that may come from your employees.

Protect Your Present and Future With Comprehensive Insurance

New Mexico Insurance Agency

For most people, securing reliable, complete insurance coverage is a no-brainer. There’s no reason to not protect your valuable assets or give yourself financial protection. Some things you can live without, but there are certain things in life you want a New Mexico insurance agency to watch over for you. The following are types of insurance coverage you need for yourself and your loved ones.

Life Insurance

If the unfortunate and unforeseen happens, and you pass away before your family is raised, how will they manage financially? Life insurance provides a financial benefit for your dependents when you die. You choose a benefit amount, and you’ll pay an affordable monthly premium.

Car Insurance

Not only does auto coverage protect you from having to pay through the roof in the event of an accident, but it’s required by law for drivers to have it. Your New Mexico insurance agency should offer this benefit.

Homeowner’s Insurance

Damage to your home from accident or the forces of nature can result in thousands of dollars (or more) in repairs. The costs can be overwhelming. Fortunately, with homeowner’s insurance you won’t be responsible for much of this.

When the time comes to find an insurance agent, it’s vital to select a company that can give you all the necessary options. Make things easy on yourself and choose an agency that offers life, home and auto insurance.

Have Peace of Mind After an Injury With Worker’s Compensation

workers compensation insurance virginia

Accidents can happen anywhere, even on the job, especially if you work in a high-risk business in an industry where physical labor and machinery are part of your regular duties. Recovering from an injury is stressful enough that you shouldn’t have to worry about how you’ll pay for medical costs. With worker’s compensation insurance in Virginia, you have the protection you need so you can focus on your health.

Even minor injuries can incur heavy medical costs, especially if multiple procedures are needed to address the problem. But if you have worker’s comp, you won’t have to worry about paying heavy bills. In fact, if the incident that caused your injury occurred while you were at work doing your job, this coverage will take care of all your payments.

Sometimes recovery will cause you to miss a large chunk of work time. While there are ways you can be excused from your job, eventually, you might have no more vacation or sick leave left. Fortunately, with worker’s compensation in Virginia you can retain 66.7 of your paycheck even while off the job waiting to be fit to return.

Health and medical challenges can be stressful enough, but financial concerns can compound this anxiety. Thanks to worker’s comp, you have at least one worry taken care of.


Malpractice Insurance: Protect Yourself From the What-Ifs

malpractice insurance for nurse practitioners

You’re in the healthcare profession as a nurse practitioner. You are doing what you love, helping people and making sure they reach their optimum health. But what happens when your best intention goes wrong? Nurse practitioners need to protect themselves from malpractice as much as other allied healthcare professionals. Malpractice insurance offers a buffer against losses due to suits.


You should be aware of the limits of your current coverage. In many cases, nurse practitioners are required to carry liability insurance. However, this insurance does not protect against malpractice. Malpractice insurance extends extra coverage to nurse practitioners.


Remember that in any practice, the business itself comes first. In many cases, nurse practitioners are added onto any suits against doctors. As a nurse practitioner, you should have alternate individual insurance to protect yourself.


When looking for insurance, you should find a company that has three critical components. First, the company should have experience, especially in the area of allied health. Secondly, the company should have competitive rates. Third of all, the company should have the ability to provide an immediate quote without any hidden fees.

Malpractice insurance for nurse practitioners is a way of protecting yourself from the potential what-ifs. The day may never come when you are sued, but wouldn’t you rather be protected?

How a Recreational Marine Insurance Wholesaler Can Help You

Recreational Marine Insurance Wholesaler

A recreational marine insurance wholesaler is a broker who works as an intermediary between an insurer and a retail broker. This type of broker will have no contact with the insured party and instead acts as a layer of experience and focused expertise for a retail broker. For instance, a retail broker can offer recreational marine insurance, motorcycle insurance and RV insurance and use a different wholesaler to find the best deals for each type. You can really benefit from dealing with wholesalers because it can open up a variety of niche coverages for your company to offer without having to take the time to develop those skills and relationships yourself.

When you are looking for a recreational marine insurance wholesaler, you will want to look for companies and individuals who can help your clients whether they own a dealership, a repair shop or a manufacturing company. This can help everyone involved to find the best solutions for any gaps in insurance. Many companies will have this information listed on their websites, you can also find companies through your industry contacts which offer the things you are looking for. It is a good idea to look at things like reputation and areas covered to help you find the best fit in insurance wholesalers.

3 Ways That Kidnap and Ransom Insurance can Help Your Business

Kidnap and Ransom Insurance PA

As a business, it can be important to prepare for any eventuality. Especially in today’s society where many people travel for work and the level of domestic and international tension is high, having kidnap and ransom insurance in PA can save your business.

Addressing Incidents

In the event of a kidnapping or extortion demand, getting trained experts to handle the situation can make an enormous difference. Having an insurance company who knows the right legal, financial and sometimes governmental teams to call can keep a bad situation from getting worse.

Multiple Policy Features

There are different policy features that may appeal to the needs of your business. There are evacuation services available in the case of a riot or revolution in the United States or abroad. There are also policies that cover ransom payments, crisis response teams and cyber extortion.

Dealing With the Aftermath

Sometimes kidnapping or hostage incidents can result in injuries, death or psychological issues that require medical attention. Having a policy that covers these effects can assist in resolving the issues as quickly as possible.

The world is so unpredictable and traditional insurance usually does not cover specialty emergency situations such as kidnapping. Protecting your business and your clients with kidnap and ransom insurance in PA can have enormous benefits and even save lives.