Choosing a Honeymoon Location

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Your honeymoon will be memorable no matter what location you choose, but remember that it is a decision that you should make with your partner. As a married couple you will be making decisions together your entire lives. Make this first decision one that works for both of you.

Exotic and Faraway

Choosing a different state or even another country might be ideal for you. Think about what kind of atmosphere that the two of you will be craving after your wedding.

Resorts even within the United States are a popular option for honeymooners. Not only are they often all-inclusive (alcohol, food and hotel prices bundled), but you know that they are safe if they are covered by American Risk Insurance. Pick a country on the map that you both have always wanted to travel to. Start your married life together immersed in another culture.

Close to Home

Not everyone has a spirit that is so adventurous. Sticking nearby is what works best for some couples.

Find a local bed and breakfast to spend a few nights. These are cozy and romantic, setting the mood for you and your spouse. American Risk Insurance covers smaller establishments like these too, so you know you are protected.

Choose a hotel in the city and spend your honeymoon being a local tourist. Visit attractions native to your area that you’ve never been to.

Make your honeymoon a place that fits you as a couple. It is often the first vacation that married couples take together, so make it count!

Insure Your Smoky Mountain Getaway

The Great Smoky Mountains National Park attracts more visitors than any other National Park. Visitors come from around the world for everything East Tennessee has to offer. Breathtaking mountain vistas, fall leaves, country cooking, and of course Dollywood keep many people coming back for vacations year after year. If you own a rental property, then you are making it possible for these tourists, families, or honeymooners to have memorable getaways by supplying them with a nice place to stay during their visit. As a business owner, however, you understand that you must protect yourself with quality vacation insurance in Sevierville.

By insuring your rental property, you are protected in case anything is lost or damaged, or even stolen, during a guest’s stay. Most visitors come to the mountains with only the best intentions, but accidents can always happen. Children break windows with stones they used to skip across the creek; pets have accidents on the floor; people are too rough with kitchen appliances; do-it-yourselfers try unsuccessfully to adjust the settings on the hot tub. The possibilities are endless. You don’t need to spend your time worrying about what is going on in your rental property and how your guests might be behaving. By purchasing vacation insurance in Sevierville that covers loss and damage you can rest assured that no matter what accident might occur, you will be protected.