Hidden Dangers Require Auto Repair Workers Comp

Owning an auto repair shop has a lot of benefits, but there are also some hidden dangers that you simply can’t plan for. The good news is that with proper insurance coverage, you do not have to worry about the financial costs of those dangers. Auto repair workers comp will help you have peace of mind when hiring repairmen to work for you. The following are some ways in which offering workers compensation will be a benefit to your business.

When someone is applying for a job, it is always attractive to know that they will have some type of insurance coverage. The more the better, and with workers comp, they will know that your company is one that cares for their employees. Whether times are hard and it’s difficult to find a good worker, you may have an easier time because of this pull.

Another way in which workers comp coverage can benefit your business is in a situation that actually requires the coverage. If one of your employees is hurt while working on a car, they could end up with a lot of bills due to healthcare costs. Cars can be dangerous to work around, so this is entirely possible. If you do not have workers comp, you will be the financially responsible party to pay for the costs, which might be something you simply can’t afford.

As you think about auto repair workers comp, realize that there are many benefits associated with it. Speak to an insurance agent to find out how to benefit your employees the most.

Ignoring the Risks of Your Industry is Hazardous

Just recently, an auto part manufacturer was cited for ignoring safety features of one of their machines. This failure led to a fingertip amputation of one of their employees. Not only is the company on the hook for the employee’s medical bills and damages, but now they are facing penalties of $89,000 for one repeated and nine serious safety violations. The automotive industry has different risks for their employees, whether you are a dealership or manufacturer. Find the right auto dealership workers compensation insurance that meets your needs.

Working with your insurance company, you have resources to address specific problems that can injure your workers. Your insurance doesn’t want to pay claims any more than you want to submit them. Prevent injuries from happening by implementing policies and procedures that keep your employees safer.

Auto dealership workers compensation insurance provided by an agent who understands your niche industry works to help you manage your risks. Don’t underestimate the need to be proactive when it comes to protecting your staff. It’s not just medical bills and loss of wages. You may be on the hook for ignoring features that would have prevented the accident. Your employees deserve nothing less than making their safety a priority. Protect them to keep them on the job. Don’t risk everything you’ve worked so hard to build by ignoring your insurance.

The Importance of Workers Comp in Nursing Facilities

Nursing facilities accommodate a wide range of people, and the close quarters offer an increased risk of spreading illnesses. Employees are not immune to the risk, and may be more endangered due to the close contact with the residents. Caring for sick individuals involves skin-to-skin contact and handling used materials that may be infected. In order to protect your employees and your business, it is important to invest in nursing facilities workers compensation.

This may cover more than the acquisition of an occupational disease. Depending on your insurance plan, you may also receive coverage for employees that are injured on the job. This may seem unlikely in nursing facilities, but the reality is that accidents can happen anywhere. Chefs and food staff can sever fingers; workers can slip and hurt themselves; and they can also break or fracture bones. You can look for coverage that includes wage replacement benefits, medical treatment, etc. This will allow the injured individual to receive the proper medical care needed for recovery. It will also provide income so that he or she is not burdened by the loss of earnings. This will prove to be invaluable to your employees, and give them peace about their future if something terrible were to happen.

Nursing facilities workers compensation may help take away any anxiety that you have as an employer. It may protect you from potential lawsuits, it will protect your employees, and it may ultimately be worth the investment.

Why Might You Need Large Account Workers’ Compensation?

As the owner of a large business, you will most likely already know that you need to provide workers’ compensation insurance for your employees. There are a multitude of different plans for companies based on their size, the type of business involved and so on. Larger companies can take advantage of numerous Delaware large account workers’ compensation plans specifically designed for the needs of a bigger workplace.

Workers’ compensation plans for large businesses have been developed to minimize confusion and maximize the convenience in paying the policy and going through the filing process for injured workers. These packages take into account the losses a larger company has experienced as a result of deductible payments to doctors and medical facilities. They have been formulated to provide effective coverage for a number of workers needing medical treatment at any given time, while keeping the costs as low as possible for a large company. It is crucial to provide workers’ compensation coverage for your Delaware employees. Not only does workers’ comp give employees the medical attention they need after a workplace injury, it protects your business from lawsuits and other hardships in the event of an accident.

Since you are legally required to provide workers’ comp for your employees, it may be beneficial to consider a Delaware large account workers’ compensation package to protect your employees and your company’s interests.

Workers Comp for Car Wash Workers

Most business owners understand that providing workers compensation coverage for their employees is a fact of life. This is especially the case for for auto-related industries such as a car wash. Employees who wash, detail, or provide general maintenance services for cars could receive serious injuries that may require them to file a claim. For this reason, ensuring that you have the ability and know-how to provide the best car wash workers comp options for your clients is essential.

When scouting for workers comp solutions for your car wash-owning clients, it’s best to go with the option that is specialized for their industry niche. This ensures that the workers comp insurance wholesaler you work with has a keen understanding of the car wash business, its employees, and the specific set of coverages that apply so that your clients aren’t spending an arm and a leg on extras they don’t need.

Choosing a specialty insurance wholesaler also provides you with a tried-and-true resource for having your industry-specific questions and concerns addressed by those who know what they’re talking about. When you call to find out more about the workers comp coverage they offer, be sure to ask about their ability to provide you and your clients with other valuable services such as claim reviews and back-to-work programs.

Having quality worker’s compensation insurance in place is important, and businesses in auto-related industries know it. Make sure you select a policy provider that has a proven track record of world-class service and business retention, particularly when providing car wash workers comp solutions for those that matter most to you–your clients.

Controlling Prices to Workers Compensation Insurance in Indiana With a Tactical Approach

Now small business decision makers in Indiana must always assess work and price arrangements to improve operational efficiencies amid economic uncertainty, changes in health care laws and a string of on-going challenges: limited accessibility to credit and loans, increasing prices. These are problems small businesses have almost no control over.

Some generally overlooked prices affecting the younger companies of Indiana are those connected with workers compensation insurance, which is often misunderstood and considered in the same conditions as other insurance products. With Indiana workers compensation, there are places where substantial price savings can be realized identifying and preventing fraud or by enhancing workplace security.

When indirect workers compensation costs including gear repairs, training replacement employees and lost productivity are considered, the prices are multiplied. Whether direct or indirect, companies finally bear the brunt of these prices in the shape of increased insurance rates, increasing productivity losses and premiums.

Because of this, it’s essential that Indiana business owners recognize that a tactical approach to workers comp is equally as significant to price economies as clever tax preparation. Small scale businesses should keep a long term workers compensation outlook focused on worth, not simply lowest price. Small should be sure they have access to resources and value added services that protect their companies now and also place them to possibly lower their workers compensation rates later on. Taking a closer look at workers’ settlement can in fact help small businesses not only manage their danger, but also efficiently manage prices, which is simply clever company regardless of what the economic climate.

As backdrop, Indiana workers compensation insurance insures companies for their statutory and legal duties for worker expenses that are an immediate consequence of sickness or on the job injuries. While strategies differ within and among states, workers compensation benefits can contain weekly payments in place of reimbursement and wages for payment of rehabilitation and medical expenses. Depending upon the authority, company owners can get their workers compensation protection from state insurance funds, private insurance companies, self insurance or self-insured groups.

There are fundamental, day to day operational measures that small business owners are able to take to mitigate the threat of workplace injury and associated prices. Creating rules, processes and policies wall workplace security provides workers with the essential tools to do their jobs. Applying security rules through using workplace audits, yearly training and security assemblies are established methods to lessen the threat of claims that can finally cost a company thousands of dollars.

Whatever the speed of pending legislative coverage or economic recovery, small businesses should focus their energy on the variables they are able to control.

Nursing Home Workers Compensation: The Facts

There are many jobs in the United States that entail physically demanding and dangerous responsibilities. Some that may come to mind immediately are construction workers, roofers, fire fighters, police officers, farmers and factory workers. While all of these careers are physically taxing, another job that belongs on this list that may surprise you is nursing home workers. Nursing home and assisted living facility workers spend their days lifting, showering, cleaning, feeding and toileting residents who have limited or no mobility. These tasks put workers a greater risk of work-related injury and, therefore, make nursing home workers compensation a must for nursing home employers. Here are some interesting—and surprising—facts related to nursing home employee injuries.

  1.  Over 3 million people work in nursing home and assisted living facilities.
  2.  Nearly 10% of all full time nursing home employees suffer work-related injuries or sicknesses. This percentage is significantly higher than rates of injury for other notably dangerous professions including coal miners (with an injury rate of approximately 5.5%), construction workers (with a rate of 3.5% and manufacturing lineman (with an injury rate of 4.8%).
  3.  The rate of work-related injuries and sicknesses for nursing home workers is nearly twice as high as the rate of injury for private sector workers collectively.

With statistics like these, it is imperative for nursing home administrators to invest in a nursing home workers compensation insurance policy that will help protect employees and employers alike from financial strain if and when work-related injuries occur.