Crucial Elements for Your Insurance Website Design

For your insurance website to attract visitors and a high conversion rate, you can’t leave any element of your design left to chance. The consumer of today relies heavily on the web to make purchases, read reviews, ask questions and research a company. Your website needs to be responsive, compelling and current if you want to use it as a valuable marketing opportunity.

Key Design Elements

When coming up with a website design for the insurance industry, you need to look past the leading site pages and to the features and elements that consumers are looking for. There should be at least five main pages, which include the home page, the quote page, contact page, about page and services page. However, each of these pages should have an array of the following items”

  • Professionally-taken photos
  • Clear, concise descriptions of services
  • Personal reviews or testimonials
  • Informative, relevant blogs
  • Social media links
  • Contact form

In addition to these elements, having a call to action button or CTA on each page that will link directly to the quotes page can help convert leads more quickly. Being able to receive a quote while they are interested in your services removes delays that often give them cause to rethink their options or look for services somewhere else.

The key to design is knowing your consumer and end goal for the site. With these best practices, you should see greater conversion rates and more satisfied clients on your insurance website.