Domestic Freight Forwarder Liability Protects Warehouse Operators

It is easy for freight forwarders to assume that they will not be held responsible for damage issues if they are not physically handling a particular batch of freight. However, this is a mistaken assumption. Damage liability can be applied to any forwarder whose name is on the bill of lading. In addition, forwarders who keep freight on store in their offices, even for short periods of time, may be implicated in damage cases. For this reason, domestic freight forwarder liability insurance is important for anyone operating a warehouse.


Who Is Covered


Domestic freight forwarder liability offers broad coverage for professionals involved in temporary freight storage. Domestic forwarders, indirect air carriers and non-vessel operating common carriers (NVOCC) are all covered by these plans. Each of these freight handling roles involves a limited degree of legal liability for handling. Domestic forwarders, for example, issue bills of lading when they deal with a shipment. This documentation can be used to implicate the forwarder in damage cases, even if the forwarder did not physically handle the freight.


Keeping Things Moving


Lawsuits and their financial repercussions can be particularly harmful for freight handlers. Fortunately, domestic freight forwarder liability can protect professionals from the exorbitant costs of a lawsuit. These coverage plans are specially designed for supply chain professionals and can be further tailored to suit the particular requirements of a given situation.