Employee Acquisition and Retention in the Boating Industry

The boating industry workforce has always had issues, but these issues are becoming more pronounced in recent years. Those in the marine industries need to understand both employee acquisition and retention.

Employee Acquisition

One thing absolutely necessary for growth is the ability to acquire qualified labor. Unfortunately, the marine industry is highly specialized, and it isn’t easy to find both skilled and unskilled labor. 

However, there are a few things employers can do to help attract employees. These are:

  • Offer healthcare 
  • Offer disability benefits
  • Offer pensions and retirement plans
  • Offer more vacation and sick days 
  • Allow employees to structure their own benefits packages
  • Offer training to those that might not be qualified 

A head hunter or recruiter can also help marine employers find more qualified applicants.

Employee Retention 

The other major problem with the boating industry workforce is employee retention. If a company offers better benefits or programs than you do, it can be difficult to retain employees. 

One way to solve this issue is to have an employee retention specialist help out. They interview employees regularly to find out what would make them consider leaving. Then they put this into an action plan to help mitigate employee loss.

The two most important things impacting the boating industry workforce today are the inability of some companies to acquire and retain qualified employees. If you are having these issues, these tips can help.