Enhance Your DO Policy With an Appropriate Hammer Clause

There are many different steps you need to consider when it comes to protecting your business and its assets. Though you might understand that the right insurance plan makes a world of difference toward your long-term success, you may not be familiar with some of the specific options available to you. In order to stay shielded from the unknown, you may want to take a moment to learn more about how a hammer clause in certain policies can be useful. When you want to enhance the coverage for your directors and officers, this is an option worth consideration.

What Is a Hammer Clause?

The main point to understand about hammer clause in D&O is that it is structured to handle any claims that might occur between the insurer and the insured. Since such disagreements happen all the time, you want to be certain that you are totally protected no matter what is on the horizon. A quality plan for insurance should address all industry risks, as well as any specifics that are unique to your exact organization. Areas to focus on can include:

  • Workers’ compensation coverage
  • Errors and omissions liability
  • Commercial property liability

Understanding the Options

By dedicating time and effort to researching your options with insurance, you will have a better understanding of which choice is right for you. Take time to look into the details and see what steps you need to take for success.