Even Dangerous Dogs Can Be Insured

dangerous dog insurance

While any dog can become unexpectedly aggressive, there are certain breeds that are considered more dangerous than others. Pit bulls, Rottweilers, and other “dangerous breeds” are well known to be more aggressive, and cause more injuries and deaths than other breeds. But even the most mundane breed can produce a dog with an aggressive nature. Often, a dog with a violent background is considered more dangerous than that of a breed with a bad reputation. In most states, dangerous dog insurance is available to owners, regardless of their dog’s breed or history.

Dog bite insurance policies are available to protect owners against liability should the unthinkable happen with their dog. These policies protect against human or animal injury and are available with a wide range of coverage limits. Dangerous dog insurance policies are also available, and can provide peace of mind to all dog owners. Since most renters’ insurance policies do not cover dog bites, a policy of this nature can make a potential tenant far more attractive to landlords. Additionally, landlords and property owners can be named as insured under a dog bite policy, providing further protection against dog bite liability.

If a dog has ever shown signs of aggression, or the breed has a violent reputation, a dog bite insurance policy is imperative to protect against liability.