Fast and Efficient Rating With NetRate Systems

Now there is a powerful commercial rating system for use by Managing General Administrators (MGAs) and the Commercial Carrier Insurance industry. The NetRate Commercial Rating System is targeted for use in the space between the toolset approach that requires significant operational resources and the lower-end products that do not have the flexibility to allow for customization to suit unique needs. The NetRate Systems allow MGAs and Program Administrators the flexibility and power to handle all levels of risk management rating.


Customization Potential


NetRate Systems can handle the big jobs and the unique custom approaches as well, with rating modules designed for all 50 states and DC, able to address all lines, including:


  • Commercial Property
  • General Liability
  • Commercial Auto
  • Garage
  • Inland Marine
  • Crime


The NetRate Commercial Rating System is a full-functioning, end-to-end rating system with detailed interface for ease of use, a robust rating engine, and PDF output in worksheet form.


Go Beyond Rating With NetRate


With fully integrated products, including DMV report aggregation, policy data production, XML integration, web services and hosting, and full customization potential, NetRate Systems provide Program Adminstrators and MGAs the ability to tailor customized coverage to unique niches that they serve. NetRate matches exceptional performance in an off-the-shelf rating system with an unparalleled commitment to outstanding customer service. Using NetRate experts as an extension of your company you will be sure that the product you receive will address the specific needs of the retailers that you serve and their customers down line.