Find the Veterinary Liability Insurance That is Right for You

Pennsylvania Veterinary Liability Insurance

You have chosen a profession as a protector of animals. Your clients bring their companions, best friends and family members to you for healing. Despite your altruism, there are inherent risks to your profession. It is important to protect yourself and your practice with Pennsylvania veterinary liability insurance. Emotions run high when an individual’s beloved pet is sick or injured. Despite your best intentions and careful practice, accidents happen, employees make mistakes, clients and their pets get injured on the premises and animals die. In these unfortunate circumstances, you want to make sure you are insured, or you might find your business in grave peril.

Your exposure to liability can range anywhere from slip and fall claims to malpractice claims. There are many different types of insurance policies out there to choose from. Finding the right plan for you can seem overwhelming when all you want to do is focus on providing care to sick animals. General liability insurance covers allegations that you or your employees damaged someone else’s property or caused them injury. Professional liability insurance goes a step further. It protects you and your practice against allegations of professional negligence. The downside to general liability is that it usually does not cover injuries or damages arising from your specific services or treatment. Many things can go wrong when working with pets and livestock. Professional liability insurance covers claims more specific to the services you provide in your profession. Make sure you are covered with a Pennsylvania veterinary liability insurance that is right for you.