How To Keep Your Consulting Clients Happy


Consulting is an exciting field that encompasses a wide variety of expertise. Keeping clients happy is the main way your consulting firm stays in business. The insurance firm Huntersure highlights several things you can do to meet the challenges facing consulting firms head-on.

Keep Accurate Records

Consulting is a broad term. As a result, many clients may not understand exactly the services you offer right away. Keeping accurate accounts of exactly what you are doing for them is essential. Maintain a spreadsheet that chronicles your work:

  • Hours spent working on their behalf
  • Specific tasks you have finished
  • Next tangible outcomes to tackle

Consistent transparency creates a trusting relationship with your clients.

Meet Guidelines and Expectations

Many companies see consulting fees as extra expenses. When the budget is tight, these services are often the first to go. This is particularly likely to happen, however, if the consultants they are working with aren’t delivering on their promises. When you commit to a certain outcome, make sure you achieve it in a timely manner. You can’t control the economy or their bottom line, but you can do excellent work that demonstrates how necessary you are to their success.

Consulting can be as challenging as it is rewarding. Maintaining consistency and accountability throughout the process can help you please and keep clients.