How To Write Effective Call-to-Actions for Insurance Websites

Across every market for insurance products, many individual and commercial buyers are starting their search for an insurer online. It’s imperative that carriers and agencies have well designed websites to inspire confidence in prospective clients. Creating a visually pleasing and user friendly online experience has to be a key priority for insurance companies. Here are some key elements of excellent insurance websites.

Load Times

Every type of website has to work quickly. If pages are too slow to load, visitors will move onto a competitor’s site.


Issues with how a site functions will drive visitors away with the same consistency as slow loading sites. Good site maintenance procedures can prevent malfunctions. It’s also important to consider whether a site’s features work optimally rather than just whether they work at all.

Informative Content

One way that people find specific sites for insurance companies is by looking for information about coverage. Including authoritative information can help companies establish themselves as a knowledgeable resource for consumers.

Mission and Values

A website is a great place for companies to convey their core mission. Compelling narratives about a company’s history serving its community of clients can motivate people to connect with someone.

Companies should periodically evaluate how their site is performing. Poor lead to sale conversions may be an indicator that a website needs design work.