Ignoring the Risks of Your Industry is Hazardous

Just recently, an auto part manufacturer was cited for ignoring safety features of one of their machines. This failure led to a fingertip amputation of one of their employees. Not only is the company on the hook for the employee’s medical bills and damages, but now they are facing penalties of $89,000 for one repeated and nine serious safety violations. The automotive industry has different risks for their employees, whether you are a dealership or manufacturer. Find the right auto dealership workers compensation insurance that meets your needs.

Working with your insurance company, you have resources to address specific problems that can injure your workers. Your insurance doesn’t want to pay claims any more than you want to submit them. Prevent injuries from happening by implementing policies and procedures that keep your employees safer.

Auto dealership workers compensation insurance provided by an agent who understands your niche industry works to help you manage your risks. Don’t underestimate the need to be proactive when it comes to protecting your staff. It’s not just medical bills and loss of wages. You may be on the hook for ignoring features that would have prevented the accident. Your employees deserve nothing less than making their safety a priority. Protect them to keep them on the job. Don’t risk everything you’ve worked so hard to build by ignoring your insurance.