Independent Living Facilities Insurance is Specifically Tailored to a Community-Based Environment

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Independent Living Facilities Insurance

Running an independent living facility can be a challenging task with many risks involved. Although you are serving a group of people who do not yet need assistance with the basic activities of daily living, such as eating and bathing, you are still catering to a population that has more health risks than the average. Because it is important to keep your facility as healthy, safe and efficient as possible, you may want to consider acquiring independent living facilities insurance. This insurance will help you manage risks in the unique environment of senior living.


Characteristics of Independent Living Facilities


Independent living facilities are those designed specifically for people who have reached retirement age and would like to live in a community of individuals at the same stage of life. The apartments are rented out individually and a community-based environment is fostered through the opportunity to participate in various social activities and eat shared meals. Independent living facilities insurance is specifically tailored to this sort of environment.


What Independent Living Facilities Insurance Covers


This type of insurance offers liability coverage for injury to residents and non-residents, as well as employee benefits liability, disciplinary proceedings defense and sexual misconduct liability. There may also be coverage for beauticians’ services and any students for whom your facility may provide formal training.


With appropriate risk management, you can get the help you need to run a facility that promotes the wellbeing and safety of the residents and staff members.