What Insurance Agents Need to Know About Autobody Clients

Auto body technicians face risks that are highly dangerous because they are so subtle. As an insurance agent or broker, you must understand these risks in order to provide proper service to your auto clientele. Moreover, auto body insurance should be underwritten and carried out by a management company that understands workers’ compensation as well as the risks specific to the industry.




Paints and solvents contain volatile organic compounds such as xylene and acetone that can be released as harmful, undetectable gases. Likewise, welding equipment produces toxic metallic vapors. It is difficult to completely avoid these fumes even while wearing proper hand and face protection. Light exposure can cause a variety of skin and eye irritations; however, too much inhalation can lead to an array of physical side effects as well as permanent damage to the central nervous systems.




Sand blasting is an effective auto body technique that helps rid surfaces of impurities; however, it can generate silica or metal dusts that cause significant problems for the respiratory system.




Technicians often use heavy machinery for welding, coating, cutting, and drying. Metal parts can become loose and end up crushing feet or hands. Likewise, an oil spill can generate serious burns or even a fall that can result in broken bones or head trauma.


As an agent, it is important to recognize the risks that went into creating that shiny car you currently drive. These clients deserve quality auto body insurance and premium service, which come from a genuine understanding of what they do.