Insurance for Canines

No one thinks that their loveable pup is capable of biting or causing harm to another person. And most people are correct in this. However, dogs are animals and even the most well trained can be startled or provoked. If your canine does bite or attack a person, most homeowner’s insurance policies will not cover those injuries. Instead, you need to carry your own dog bite liability insurance. You always carry an insurance policy for your vehicle. You may be the safest driver in the world, but unfortunately there are others on the road who are not as safe as you. If something happens to you or your vehicle while driving, you want an insurance policy that will help relieve the financial burden of the incident. This is similar to why you should have a dog bite liability insurance policy for your pet. Your dog may be the sweetest animal, but future situations are unpredictable. You never know what may frighten or aggravate your furry companion. Injuries caused by dogs cost over $400 million annually in medical expenses and liability claims. Without insurance for your loveable pet, you may be left with a huge financial burden in medical expenses, legal fees and other losses incurred by the injury. By having a policy in place, you are protecting yourself financially from an incident that cannot be predicted.