Why Insurance Is Important for Your Staffing Agency

The staffing industry is an exciting field where people who want jobs can become connected with employers who have work available. Despite the field’s incredible growth in recent years, there are some unique risks that staffing agencies face due to the nature of their work. Having the right staffing agency insurance can help to mitigate those risks, so agencies can stay focused simply on connecting potential employees and potential employers.


Double Liability From Clients and Temporary Workers


One unique aspect of the staffing industry is that there is potential liability from both the person you’re sending out for the work as well as from the client. This level of double liability is common within the staffing industry, but far less so in other areas of employment.


For instance, many staffing agencies specialize in providing temporary workers to local businesses. Even though the staffing agency has no control over the client’s environment and no direct control over how the client engages with that temporary worker, the staffing agency could potentially be liable in the event that the temporary worker or the client file a lawsuit. Even without knowledge or participation in any upsetting incidents, staffing agencies can still face this double liability. This is why it’s highly important for staffing agencies to find the right insurance in order to safeguard their businesses.


References and Research Help You Find Your Firm


There are many reputable firms that specialize in staffing agency insurance. Ask your colleagues if they have recommendations or research firms online. Finding the right insurance may take a little time, but it will be worth it for you and your business in the long run.