Insurance Needed for Bars and Pubs

The local watering hole is a great place for people to come for some much-needed camaraderie. However, some people take the fun too far and end up damaging property or hurting someone else. Bars, pubs and taverns face unique risks that other business might not have to deal with, so make sure you have the proper insurance for a bar to remain secure.

Products & Completed Operations Insurance

In addition to getting a drink at your establishment, some customers may also be able to get some snacks or a meal. If someone gets food poisoning as a result of eating something at your bar, you could be facing severe legal action. Any incidents linked to your products or services can land you in hot water so have the right insurance to help you with any settlements and legal fees.

Assault & Battery Insurance

Patrons who get a little too rowdy pose a risk to your employees and other customers. Providing the instigator with alcohol could make your establishment liable, but the proper coverage will help with covering any costs and can even help your business maintain a good reputation.

Naturally, these coverages should be in addition to all of the other insurances a business should have such as general liability and liquor liability. Taverns should be fun, so make sure yours remains that way for everybody by having essential insurance for a bar.