Is There an Advantage To Bundling Insurance?

Bundling multiple insurance policies with one provider can have many benefits. Is bundling your insurance a good idea? 

What is Bundling Insurance?

Bundling insurance is a practice where you buy multiple policies from one insurance company, allowing you to qualify for policy discounts. Insurance companies offer these bundles to encourage clients to buy more policies with them.

What Are the Benefits of Bundling Insurance?

There are many advantages to bundling insurance policies.

1. Saving on Premiums

An obvious benefit is the savings you are eligible for by buying multiple policies with a single insurer. Many companies offer serious discounts on bundled policies, and some companies offer discounts for multiple policies or bundles within the same household.

2. Pay a Single Deductible

Many companies offer a single deductible when you purchase multiple policies with them. This provides extra security in the case of a catastrophic accident that involves multiple claims. Paying one deductible for multiple policies keeps more money in your pocket.

3. Fewer Accounts to Manage

You may be able to have a single payment for all your policies. Additionally, you will only have one company, and perhaps one agent, to get to know and deal with for all your needs. Making your insurance easy to maintain and use is a huge benefit.