Keeping Your Boat Protected

boat insurance in California

If you’re a boater, you’re sure to enjoy your time on the water even more with excellent boat insurance in California. Boat insurance will protect you in the event your boat is damaged from storms or from vandalism. A policy will cover you if your vessel is damaged, either in or out of the water – property insurance will even cover towing and roadside assistance for the tow truck, if that is needed. It will also cover your boat’s equipment and the furnishings inside. Whether you have a speedboat or sailboat, a fishing vessel, or even a houseboat, there is a policy that’s right for you.

Marine Liability insurance is another crucial element of boat insurance in California. If you happen to cause an accident, your policy will cover property damage or any injuries that may result. It can also cover your passengers and anyone else who may have gotten hurt. Your policy will also provide for legal bills if you are sued, and provide funds for settlements against you. It is also possible to be covered in the event of a fuel spill. If you plan to take a trip south of the border, even a very short one, Mexican Watercraft Liability insurance will get you covered there, as well.