Keys to Designing A Successful Online Presence

Since most people buy products and services online, or at the very least research products they’re interested in, you need to create an Insurance Agency Website that speaks to them. The problem with most websites selling insurance is that they fail to provide prospects with information that they care about or are actually looking for. They either give them too much to look at, or are too busy dazzling them with flashy graphics.

Website design is very important, and most leading marketing experts will tell you that crowded pages filled with extraneous information actually drives people away, as opposed to piquing their interests. Here are some noteworthy ways to help you keep things simple and hopefully get more people to go from curious spectators to being converted into solid leads.

Make sure that each page has a primary objective

Offer only information specific to the needs of your audience. This will help to keep visitors from opting out and looking elsewhere. Make sure each page has a primary focus, because if they believe they’ve found what they’re looking for they’ll remain on your site. If what they’re looking for is hidden or too difficult to find, then they’ll quickly exit. That’s why it’s vital to strip away the clutter and remain focused on leading them to their intended goal, which is to find products that will enrich their lives.

If you want visitors to your homepage to submit their information for online quotes, then make sure that’s what the main theme is. For example, by offering other insurance info on this page, overshadowing your intent, you’re merely creating distractions. Decide on the type of visitors you want to market to, then make sure that the main offer is the one they’re most likely interested in.

Highlight the call to action

Flash animations are one way to point out the call to action, but make sure it’s done with good taste, realizing there’s a difference between pleasant advertising and using images that come off as unprofessional. Your main objective should be to call attention to an offer with an image that draws the visitor to it.

Any and all copy should convey the benefits the visitor will receive by taking action, such as comparing quotes to get the best deal, or finding a plan that fits their needs. Your Insurance Agency Website, when done well, can help turn potential customers into clients, increasing your profitability.