Liability Insurance for the Transportation and Warehousing Industry

Warehouseman’s legal liability

If you work in the transportation sector, you know that logistics can be a risky business, even if all you do is store goods for other people. That’s because warehouses can be busy places, and there are a variety of problems that can cause problems for you and your clients. This is especially true when you are not responsible for end-to-end shipping, because it means you have to work with the goods in the condition you receive them, and you can’t necessarily count on the quality control of the transportation after it leaves your facility. Warehouseman’s legal liability insurance is designed to bridge those gaps for you.

Here’s how it works: This particular kind of transportation insurance covers any liability you incur while storing client goods in your facilities. That means acts of nature like disasters that cause damage to the facility and its contents as well as foreseeable disasters of industry like failed cooling units and other mechanical problems that cause damage to goods in transit or storage. Warehouseman’s legal liability insurance is the only kind of insurance that is built specifically to the liability needs of the logistics sector, and it is unique enough your business should work with experts to maximize your coverage to make sure your company is totally protected.