Making Sense of Your Renters Insurance Policy

renters insurance in Florida
renters insurance in Florida

It’s important that you have renters insurance in Florida, and it’s even more important that you understand your renters insurance so that you’ll understand your deductible as well as what is and what isn’t covered by your policy.

Various Types of Loss

If a fire should ever break out in the complex or home you’re renting, renters insurance in Florida will have you covered. You’ll also be protected in the event that your residence sustains smoke or water damage from a fire. Your insurance policy will also protect you from other acts of nature, such as wind damage.

Theft Coverage

Not only will you be covered from theft, you’ll also be covered for any vandalism that the burglars happen to do to your property.

Read the Fine Print

Take a good look at your policy for renters insurance in Floridato see if you’ll be paid the actual cash value of your belongings. If you will, the value of the item will be depreciated before a claim can actually be paid. There’s a chance that you’ll have to pay your deductible in addition to the difference between what it will cost to have the item replaced or repaired and the total value of the item.

Make sure you take a good look at your renters insurance policy to see what all you are and aren’t covered for before you have to use it.