What Does Marina Operators Legal Liability Insurance Cover?

yacht club liability coverage

Yacht clubs and marinas are unique businesses in many ways. Your business is exposed to typical risks, the elements, and caring for client property. The latter of these can be particularly risky because of the lawsuits that can ensue. That’s why yacht club liability coverage should include Marina Operators Legal Liability.

The Three Cs

MOLL insurance is designed to protect you from financial damage if a member’s property is damaged while in your care, custody or control. Should you accidentally injure the yacht while repairing, storing, launching, fueling, docking, or driving the vessel, this yacht club liability coverage can help you cover the cost of repairs.

If replacement is needed, the MOLL plan can pay for that as well. Furthermore, if your client brings a lawsuit as a result of this incident, the policy can pay for the legal fees and any fines you may incur. Be sure to check with your agent to see what your particular plan covers.


Most insurance policies have some exclusions, and MOLL is no exception. For example, if you store a yacht for free or send the vessel to a third party for repairs, your policy may not pay out. Furthermore, any illegal activity will nullify your coverage and damage caused by insects, and sea creatures are not always covered.