Marketing Strategies for Selling Insurance

Websites for Insurance Agents

There is so much competition when it comes to Websites for Insurance Agents that one needs to consider the elements that determine what makes for a successful site. Your existing site, if not properly maintained, can become dated almost overnight. Like a house, it could use a fresh coat of paint, but much more frequently. That’s why blogging on a regular basis can really help to keep the interests of people who have navigated their way to your website.


Regular blogging helps generate repeat visitors


Writing a blog is a great way to have a source for valuable content, and it can actually increase the number of visitors via word of mouth. Where content marketing helps is when it truly offers topics that consumers find valuable and resourceful. Don’t write only about insurance, but include interesting topics such as new technology breakthroughs, or about great ways to shop for goods that help save consumers money. Your content must be both interesting and engaging.


Email newsletters create a great tie-in


Using email newsletters is a great way to reach policyholders that may not actively read blogs. By putting great content at their fingertips, they’ll see just how important a role they play in your business plan. A blog written for the business or agency website and put in an email newsletter is able to reach a wider audience. And this way, clients and prospects all have access to the same useful information.


Promote your site through social media


Share blogs, videos, and other valuable info on social networks you’re on. Social media is a great advertising tool with an audience often looking for businesses they have an interest in. That’s why sharing high quality content to social networks can be a key to building a socially engaged network of followers. Agents can constantly promote their content through email and social networks.


Getting the message out can quickly and easily result in referrals. The point is, all of this added advertising will help get followers reading all the great blog posts and links these insurance websites have been sharing on the web. Do all of this can be time consuming, but the results you’ll get by having all of this content and sharing it across different mediums actually reduces the amount of work needed to infuse your Websites for Insurance Agents.