Why You Might Need Commercial Auto Insurance

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You need some extra cash, so you decide to check out an ad for part-time drivers. Or, you are starting your own catering business and will transport food for events using your own vehicle. Or, maybe, you are a contractor with a truck full of tools. Your vehicle may not be covered by insurance if you are in one of the following circumstances:

  • Contractors with equipment and modifications to their vehicle for work purposes
  • Individuals transporting commercial goods
  • Self-employed individuals

If these apply to you, you need commercial auto insurance in New Mexico.

Personal Coverage Doesn’t Cut It

While you might have a good personal automobile insurance policy, it most likely does not cover use of your vehicle for business. This means that if you are transporting supplies, finished products, or people in the course of business, you probably are not covered by your personal auto policy.

Limited or No Coverage for Contractors

If you are hired on as an independent contractor, the company with which you are doing business may not have coverage that extends to you. Additionally, if you are a contractor through an app-based service, coverage through the company may depend on whether the app is running at the time of an accident.

In short, get commercial auto insurance in New Mexico if you use your vehicle for any business and you are not 100% sure you are covered by your employer or a company with which you are an independent contractor.