Why You Need Cyber Insurance

Pennsylvania cyber liability insurance

I order to be competitive in this modern world, your company is managed with electronic data. Stored information regarding employees, financials, and even your inventory is handled with the help of computers. Clouds hold data, disks store information, and servers shift numerous facts and numbers in a continual loop between your employees. Sadly, no matter how tight your security is, data gets lost and stolen and companies are irreparably damaged when such events occur. Take a look at Pennsylvania cyber liability insurance to find a way to protect your business from this problem.

How can cyber liability insurance help you? Here are a couple of examples:

A company’s server malfunctioned one hot summer day and the organization was at a virtual standstill for hours, which resulted in heavy financial loss of over $500,000. They were covered and a monetary resolution was quick enough to save the company from permanent damage.

A receptionist opened a dancing cat email containing a virus, which attached itself to company emails and ate its way into the linked operating system and brought the organization crashing. The cost of repairs to the servers and individual computers was staggering. Without cyber insurance, the company would have had to close their doors.

You worked hard to get where you are, so why not let Pennsylvania cyber liability insurance help you stay there? Get insurance today to protect your company’s data.