Non Skilled Home Care Now Available Through Medicare Advantage Plans

Manchester Specialty Programs Insurance

Many seniors opt for a Medicare Advantage plan rather than using Medicare and Medicaid directly. Some state governments opt for these plans to help their retirees with their health insurance. Medicare Advantage non-skilled home care may now be an option for many.

Coverage Circumstances

The experts at Manchester Specialty Programs Insurance states that only “medically appropriate” but do not require prescriptions or physician orders for payment. Supplemental benefits for non-skilled home care only pay under specific circumstances. Helping a patient avoid using the emergency room for physical impairments or certain health conditions may be covered.

Patient Benefits

Patients can receive help with their daily activities of living such as dressing and bathing when in connection to a medical need. The expanded plans help those unable to afford the out of pocket costs for this type of assistance can then receive the care they need.

Provider Opportunities

More patients can now take advantage of non-skilled home care than under the previous ruling. This means there will be an influx of new patients needing services than in prior years. The increase in patients can help home health care companies grow and expand to meet the growing need.

Understanding Medicare Advantage non-skilled home care plans can help home health providers take advantage of the new law. These facilities can use these plans to increase their offerings and serve more patients than ever before.