Nursing Home Workers Compensation: The Facts

There are many jobs in the United States that entail physically demanding and dangerous responsibilities. Some that may come to mind immediately are construction workers, roofers, fire fighters, police officers, farmers and factory workers. While all of these careers are physically taxing, another job that belongs on this list that may surprise you is nursing home workers. Nursing home and assisted living facility workers spend their days lifting, showering, cleaning, feeding and toileting residents who have limited or no mobility. These tasks put workers a greater risk of work-related injury and, therefore, make nursing home workers compensation a must for nursing home employers. Here are some interesting—and surprising—facts related to nursing home employee injuries.

  1.  Over 3 million people work in nursing home and assisted living facilities.
  2.  Nearly 10% of all full time nursing home employees suffer work-related injuries or sicknesses. This percentage is significantly higher than rates of injury for other notably dangerous professions including coal miners (with an injury rate of approximately 5.5%), construction workers (with a rate of 3.5% and manufacturing lineman (with an injury rate of 4.8%).
  3.  The rate of work-related injuries and sicknesses for nursing home workers is nearly twice as high as the rate of injury for private sector workers collectively.

With statistics like these, it is imperative for nursing home administrators to invest in a nursing home workers compensation insurance policy that will help protect employees and employers alike from financial strain if and when work-related injuries occur.