Precautions Trucking Companies Must Take To Stay Protected

Countless risks are involved in transporting cargo across long distances. Though the trucking industry is a necessary component of the greater supply chain, business owners must take extra steps in order to shield their companies from harm. From taking out extra coverage like hazmat insurance to being mindful of how many hours employees are behind the wheel, the right precautions can go a long way to protect your business.

Focus on Your Drivers

According to recent statistics, roughly 500,000 truck-related accidents occur in the United States each year. Often, these are due to drivers who are being pushed past their limitations and forced to work long hours. To reduce the odds of a driver falling asleep behind the wheel, you must review your practices to ensure you’re putting the health of your workers before your deadlines. Reviewing your basic training protocol can also highlight whether you’re providing the necessary information on safety to your team. 

Look Into Hazmat Insurance

It is also important to focus on the type of cargo your drivers are responsible for while on the road. Hazardous materials don’t fall under standard liability policies. In the event of an accident where dangerous substances leak from one of your vehicles, hazmat coverage helps with the costs of cleanup, medical attention, and lost driving time.

Paying attention to the risks truckers face can be the best way to protect your company from claims of negligence. Review your options with insurance to find coverage that fits your exact needs.