Protect Your Practice With Malpractice Insurance for Veterinarians

Even though you make every attempt to keep your patients safe, accidents can happen when they are in your care. Dogs and cats have a mind of their own, and they can jump off the examination table without any warning. If they injure themselves, you can held liable. An even worse scenario is if you lose a patient during a surgery. Veterinary malpractice insurance protects your valuable assets if you have a mishap because of an act or omission that occurred during the performance of your services.

Although the courts consider animals as property, this does not mean that owners aren’t emotionally attached to their pet. You could find yourself and your business embroiled in a legal dispute that costly. Even if you are found innocent, the defense costs could cripple your company and everything you have built.

Find the veterinary malpractice insurance that protects your business when you work with an insurance company that specializes in your industry. Whether you work with small animals or large animals that you visit in their home, you can get the policy that manages your risk. Don’t rely on best practices or the benevolence of your patient’s owners. If something goes wrong, and you aren’t covered, you could lose your business. Protect your interests and discuss your insurance needs with a professional agent who can help you build the portfolio you need.