Protections Under Comprehensive Hospice Insurance

hospice liability coverage

Agencies that provide hospice care offer an array of services for patients at the end of life, as well as support services for their loved ones. Whether the agency is providing direct care, responsible for recruiting and recommending qualified staff, advising a patient or providing the tools and coaching for family or caretakers, having hospice liability coverage in place is a necessary safeguard that ensures the smooth operation of these types of facilities.

Common Issues Faced by Hospice Agencies

The goal for hospice agencies is to provide the highest-quality experience and care to patients. Having insurance allows employees to be more confident and allows agencies to concentrate resources on patient care instead of conflicts that may arise in this type of setting such as the following:

  • General liability for incidents occurring on agency property
  • Issues with employee treatment and conduct
  • Security or data breaches compromising private information
  • Coverage for vehicles used for agency business
  • Disputes over quality and accuracy of services provided
  • Irregularities with Medicare audits and billing

Take Action Today

Having to manage disputes can be time-consuming, stressful and costly. With the hospice liability coverage or a comprehensive plan, agencies can better shift focus on what matters – keeping patients well-cared for and as comfortable as possible in their final days.